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I want to cap the game at 30 FPS, because i'd like to run the game at 4K on my old GTX 1080, which won't run this game on this resolution at 60 FPS of course. And i want to do it without reducing the refresh rate to 30. So i want 60 Hz and 30 FPS. Please, someone show me any software that can do it without any stutter or with maximum like 1 or 2 stutters in a minute and not 10 in 30 seconds. I tried Riva Tuner, because everyone is talking about how amazing Riva Tuner is for capping frame rate. And yes, it's better than the ingame FPS limiter, but still not enough. The game still has somewhat inconsistent frame rate. I see like 10 stutters in 30 seconds and it's bothering me. Is it even possible to get absolutely 100% smooth 30 FPS on 60 Hz without GSynch/FreeSynch?

Thanks for any help.

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Hey @freestepper

I'm afraid we're not able to recommend any specific software ourselves, so I will just move this question to the general discussion area of the forums, but other users are free to share information on what they use that may help you out on this.

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