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I am at the boss fight of Siege of Paris DLC. It always crashes while i am in fight with charles the fat. It crashes always after first push to the fire. After the first push, i continue fighting for a while. But then it crashes. It happened four or five times. I loaded old saves to start new but it happened again. I am playing on Xbox Series S and I am on 170th hour in the game. My graphic mode is High Framerate btw. Except this crash, there wasn’t any problem. But because of this i couldn’t end the DLC and turned back to England

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Hi @PutPegasus45528 I'm sorry to hear that you are experiencing a crash in the Siege of Paris quest 'Madness of King Charles' this is not a known issue.

Could you please go through the Xbox troubleshooting then try again to see if that helps.

If the issue persists can you try changing your graphics settings to quality mode then replay the quest again to see if that makes any difference.