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In AC: Valhalla I have completed all collectibles in Grantebridgescire, yet one mystery (Fly Agagic) and one artifact are still marked as incomplete. This is concerning since I'm going for 100% completion and am already 100+ hours in.

More info: on a PS5.

The X that marks the fly agagic on the map is missing but I visited the location and cannot play it again/do not see a blue dot.

I haven't been able to narrow down which artifact I'm missing... yet. I've ridden up and down the entire area methodically to search for a missing white dot and have seen none.

Can provide screenshots upon request

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Hi @thebobjohn-0 I'm sorry to hear that you are missing a mystery and an artifact from Grantebridgescire.

Could you please check a walk through and revisit all of the locations for the artifacts to double check you have not missed one somewhere. After you have done this could you please provide a video that shows the following:

  • Your map showing all of the locations for the Fly Agaric's in Grantebridgescire with the cursor and then go to the one that is missing an X to show you cannot interact with it

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