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I have purchased the Gold Edition of the game and I start it through Epic Games. While starting the game it automatically quits the launcher, opens the game, and all of the sudden game crashes on Ubisoft Anvil (Animus logo) or Ubisoft startup screen, and Ubisoft Connect tells me to send a crash report. I have tried to start the game through Ubisoft Connect but the problem persists. I kindly ask you to investigate this issue, cause I haven't received any news yet, despite the fact that this edition of the game costed me an adequate amount of money.
Thank you beforehand!

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@sabirobabaev Hi there, I do apologize for my delayed reply, however, our Discussion boards are not a live channel, and we are experiencing a high volume of contacts at this time.
In this situation, I'd reach out via a Live Chat on our Support page, or you can simply open a ticket with us, as well.
Please make sure you have available copies of your MSINFO and DXDiag, as well as a description of the issue.