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Been playing AC Valhalla via Epic for a couple of weeks now and decided to buy the Season Pass through the in-game Ubisoft Store.

Everything seemed fine, I received my receipt etc, logged out of the game in case there was a download needed and now I can't get back in as it will not launch.

Anyone able to advise?

(Edit - I've verified the files, but still no joy)

about 1 month ago - ubi-smash - Direct link

@nalkalaz Hey there! Could you confirm if you have the base game downloaded on your Epic launcher or the Ubisoft Connect client? When purchasing DLC, we advise purchasing any additional content on the same client where the game was purchased from, as this may cause some issues with accessing this content. If you have any trouble with launching the game at this time, I would try verifying the game file and try launching the game once again.

If you continue to run into any further problems after trying this out, could you describe in detail what behavior you are seeing when launching the game?