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In response to this thread in Player Support, let’s formally request that the gear set and weapons acquired in Vinland be accessible everywhere else after completing the Vinland cycle, and that any gear acquired elsewhere in the game also be useable in Vinland after completing that story arc.

CC: @DarkStar_AUT@flaicher@UltimatePowa@RenoxDashin@Digitaly_Random@Sempophai@Naerak@KnightofTara@juzamjames@Pappasimons@man9our@MarcusAquinas@Aetheogh@Ryusennin@jandraelune@SneakyTorpedo@grim_jester1964@BattlemasterIIC@DasQintus@LezCarpenter@Ghort61@RJEB94, and @IceKingof74.

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Hey @TheNorfolkian - thanks for starting up this feedback thread about the Vinland gear. I just wanted to let you know I fixed the text formatting of your initial post for you, as it seems that you may have copied the list of tags from my post in this thread and it had not formatted correctly. Everyone's tags should now be fully visible across all modes! 🙂

@KmarkoPL, thanks for sharing your insight and knowledge with @IceKingof74 - as you've said, the current behaviour with regard to the Vinland gear is not a bug, and is working as intended. We're able to pass forward any extended feedback provided on this however.

@moosemousse, thanks for sharing your thoughts on the Vinland gearset. It's appreciated that you took the time to reply with your opinion on this. Welcome to Discussions as well, by the way!

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