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Really in need of an update soon to fix the Order bug. When you've killed everyone in the order and everyone is red. The mission changes to deliver the medallions to Hytham. But your inventory says you only have 14/15 so I can't turn em in to get Thor's cape to get on my way to getting Thor's hammer. Also something very similar in Ireland with their "Order". I go to turn the Ambers in and I get the beast health all the way down and the fight doesn't end. He's on the ground pretty much dead til I hit him again and then he pops up and can't be damaged anymore.. So I can't get that weapon either. Please give us an update soon🙏 🙃

7 months ago - Ubi-Desklamp - Direct link

Hello there, @Momo_39648!

This is an issue that's already been reported, and it should actually be fixed in an upcoming patch.

Please hang tight in the meantime, and here's hoping we're able to push the fix out soon!