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Good time of the day ladies and gents. I decided to create this topic as the issue I'm encountering is quite weird. I bought the game quite some time ago not long after the release of AC Valhalla (approx after a week after the release). The initial purchase was made in the Epic Games and then transferred over to the Uplay launcher. I played through all DLCs available at the time of the release and had no problems accessing them. Now I decided to play the game again after several months and in the store page it shows me that my battle pass, and the DLCs which are Wrath of the Druids, The Siege of Paris, Dawn of the Ragnarok, The Ledend of Beowulf, The Way of the Berserker expansions are installed. But I can't access them and the quests that are attached to them. The obvious sign that something is wrong in my case is that I can't travel to Ireland which is a part of the Wrath of the Druids DLC. And I have already been there on my save. I have already had access to it and now I don't. Also on my save game it says that DLC content isn't available and I won't get access to it unless I bring it back (???). Frustrating. Please help sort this out. Thank you.

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@andstaethur Hello! Welcome to Discussions!

Apologies for the frustration this has caused. I can definitely understand why it would be annoying to previously access content and then suddenly not have that content when coming back to play again. After taking a look into your account, I believe I can see what the issue may be, but it's best to discuss this on a private channel instead of through the forums. In this case, please either create a support ticket or send us a DM through Twitter or Facebook. We'll be able to help look into this more closely. Thank you!

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@regoc50 Hello! Are you having this same issue and missing DLC content? If so, could you let me know which content is unavailable in your game? If you haven't yet, please go through the troubleshooting steps here and here as well, as these steps should help make sure that the common issues that can cause this are resolved.

@andstaethur Did you ever receive a response to your case? I'm not seeing a recent case made from you in our system on my end. Would you mind logging in here and letting me know what the case number is? Thank you!

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