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there are two whistling bugs

first is when there's a response but the nearby enemy just starts gesticulating, which lasts about thirty seconds then they just turn round and go back to whatever they were doing (standing and staring) before

second is when there are multiple enemies near each other (two or more), whistling results in them turning to face the source of the whistle, then they just cross their arms in an "unimpressed" manner and then turn round and go back to what they were doing

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And so we meet again @spirantcrayon22!

Thanks for getting these reported to us; it is something our teams are currently investigating.

  • Are you finding that this happens with specific enemies more than others?
  • Does it happen more often in any specific locations?
  • Could you also grab a video of the second annoyance for me to get forwarded over to the teams?

Thank you!