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Albion East is up and running, and the world is growing as players rush in to the server and more Outlands regions are opened up. As this brand-new world develops, now is your last chance to grab an Albion East Founder Pack.

These Founder Packs come in four different tiers, offering combinations of Gold, Premium, Vanity, and more. So along with getting you off to the right start as you develop your characters, you can get lasting mementos of this unique moment in Albion’s history that will never be sold again, for example:
  • Exclusive sailor-themed Wardrobe Skins
  • Exclusive matching Mount Skins
  • Exclusive Statue and Furniture items
These items, as well as the Gold and Premium, can be claimed on either Albion East or Albion West - so you can enjoy them no matter which server you prefer to play on.

Albion East Founder Packs are available until April 30, so pick one up now!

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