The recent Into the Fray update brought new life to Magic Staffs and opened up high-level combat to more players than ever. Those looking to survive and thrive in this new era will have to master a diverse array of skills. For those looking to show off their prowess in the heat of battle, next week will introduce not one, but two new vanity bundles especially designed for users of elemental magic… and their swiftest mounts.

Whether you're storming the newly designed Castles, conquering territories, or adventuring alone or in small groups across the open world, these combination costume and mount skin bundles will make sure you stand out on the field of battle.

Keep your eyes open for more details next week!


Into the Fray Patch 2 - Ver. 20.020.1 - July 5, 2022

Crystal League Changes

Time slots for Crystal League battles have been updated:
  • 5v5:
    • All non-lethal 5v5 matches have been moved one hour later, and now run at the same time as lethal 5v5 matches
  • 20v20:
    • Level 1 and 2 matches take place daily at 1:00, 1:30, 19:00 and 19:30 UTC
    • Level 3 matches take place at 19:00 and 19:30 UTC on Tuesdays and Fridays, and at 1:00 and 1:30 UTC on Wednesdays and Saturdays
Changes have been made to 5v5 tokens:
  • Level 2 and 3 tokens:
    • Lethal and non-Lethal tokens can be bought from the Energy Manipulator again
    • Level 2 and 3 tokens are no longer season-bound, so old tokens can be used again
    • S...
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Into the Fray Patch 2 is live! This patch brings updates to the Crystal League, some significant UI and audio improvements, a number of combat balance changes, and more.
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02 Jul


The dead just won't stay buried! For the entire month of July, take the Undead Challenge to unlock fantastic rewards, including your very own Spectral Direboar.

More here: albiononline.com/news/undead-challenge-2022

28 Jun


One of the central features of the Into The Fray update is a significant rework of the entire Magic Staffs weapon line. We spoke to Art Director Marcus Koch, Senior Animator Alex Pierschel, and FX Artist Daniele Bornino about the ideas and processes t... Read more

14 Jun

Into the Fray Update - Ver. 20.000.1 - June 8, 2022

Magic Staff Overhaul
Into the Fray kicks off a complete overhaul of Magic Staffs, bringing their visuals, animations, audio, and gameplay to a whole new level.
  • Fully reworked player animations for staffs: one- and two-handed Staffs have greater variance while casting; animations vary more by ability type
  • Improved VFX, audio, and readability specific to each Staff line – e.g. Cursed Staff spells use aggressive red and black with shadowy skull shapes, while Nature Staff spells use pleasing shapes/colors and calming sounds
  • Each Staff line has a distinct color association for combat readability
  • Numerous reworked and updated abilities, including:
    • Fire Staffs:
      • Pyroblast is now a channeled skills...
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09 Jun


Last weekend saw the Season 15 Crystal League Championship take place, with TheyTamedBears taking the crown. Read more and check out the final day's action here: albiononline.com/en/news/s15-clc-winners

Albion's newest content update, Into the Fray, is now live! This update brings a host of new features including reworked Magic Staffs, new Portal Towns, improved Castles, Dynamic Events, new Arena and Crystal League modes, and much more.

To celebrate the launch of this update, we've created a brand-new trailer, which you can watch here:

Read more about the update here: albiononline.com/update/into-the-fray

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Into the Fray Update - Hotfix 1

  • Forest of Spears no longer deals damage after the target has left the area
  • Crafting or studying adds fame to the Mastery of the crafting tree, along with the specialization node
  • Castle and Castle Outpost chests now only drop tradable Tomes of Insight, instead of tradable and non-tradable Tomes of Insight

08 Jun


June 8 marks the launch of Albion’s newest content update: Into the Fray. This update brings significant changes for new and experienced players alike, with fully reworked Magic Staffs, improved Castles and Castle Outposts, and new Crystal League and Arena modes bringing broad improvements to combat. New Portal Towns smooth the experience of entering the Outlands, and Daily Events encourage players to broaden the scope of their gameplay and bring additional dynamics to Albion’s economy. With all of these features and more, Into the Fray will make Albion’s thriving world more accessible and engaging for every kind of player.

To read more on what's coming with this update, check out the official update page here: ... Read more

03 Jun

Into the Fray, Albion's next major content update, arrives on June 8. In our last Dev Talk before the update goes live, Game Director Robin Henkys discusses the huge changes coming to Castles, the new Dynamic Events system, and Twitch Drops, which include Victory Emotes. Watch the video here:


NOTE: This video includes subtitles for all our supported languages.

For a written summary, click here: albiononline.com/news/devtalk-castles-dynamic-events

02 Jun


The wait is almost over: the Crystal League Championship is this weekend! Starting Saturday at 17:00 UTC, tune in to AlbionTV to watch all the action live. Winners will receive huge Gold rewards and rare mounts, with the first-place team walking away with the ultra-rare Sabertooth Rex Swiftclaw Skin.

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01 Jun


Spring has given way to summer in Albion, and a sprightly creature can be seen bounding across all of Albion’s biomes. A new referral season is upon us, and from now until August 1 you can claim the Summer Fawn mount skin when you refer a friend!

More here: albiononline.com/news/referral-summer-fawn

Who says chivalry is dead? For the entire month of June, take the Knight Challenge to collect fantastic rewards. Earn points for open-world activities, unlock chests to get valuable loot, and claim the powerful and imposing Gallant Horse mount.

More here: albiononline.com/news/knight-challenge-2022

20 May


With the Into The Fray update around the corner, it’s time to saddle up and get ready to join the fight. And as luck would have it, for the next ten days you can enjoy a big discount on the fast, fearsome Darkfang in the in-game store!

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16 May

Our last Dev Talk introduced some of the new features and improvements coming to Albion Online in 2022. In this video, Game Director Robin Henkys announces the arrival of many of these features in our next content update: Into the Fray.

(NOTE: This video includes subtitles for all our supported languages.)

Click here for a written summary: https://albiononline.com/news/devtalk-into-the-fray

15 May


The Reaver has arrived! Available now from the in-game store, this premium vanity bundle will strike fear into even the most hardened souls in Albion.

More here: albiononline.com/news/reaver-vanity

13 May

While 2021 was Albion Online's biggest year yet, there's tons more in store for 2022. In our first Dev Talk of the year, Game Director Robin Henkys takes a look back at the past year, before looking forward to some major changes, improvements, and updates coming to the world of Albion in 2022.

(NOTE: This video includes subtitles for all our supported languages.)

Click here for a written summary: albiononline.com/news/devtalk-2022-roadmap

09 May


Albion Online Content Creator Youey is a veteran player, and produces video guides to impart his knowledge on all aspects of the game’s content, from beginner to high-level.

In this video, he runs down how to profitably craft and sell items in Albion’s economy, so you’ll never be struggling for Silver again. Check it out and show it to your guildmates, and we’ll see you at the Marketplace!

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04 May


Season 15 is coming to a climax, and the battle for territory in the Outlands is becoming ever fiercer. As Albion’s guilds pore over their plans and schemes, a figure is ready to step into the fray and unleash the forces of chaos…

This new vanity bundle is stepping out from the darkness next week! Get this mighty fighter on your side and assert your power over the lands. More details coming soon…