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Another Guild Season is over, and it’s time to announce the winners. So congratulations to Escalation, who won Albion West Season 20, and Winter, who took Albion East Season 2! Read on for a rundown of each server’s season.

Albion West: Escalation Claim Second Crown

Season 20 started where Season 19 had left off, as the war between the POE coalition and the XXX coalition raged on. This would carry on throughout the season, as POE pushed back, and towards the end of the Season the XXX alliance folded, with the FFlow alliance taking over the coalition to spearhead the fight going into Season 21.

In the north, the Grap3 alliance held their territories against countless attacks throughout the Season, and were able to keep pushing forward as they ended the season with three of their guilds hitting Crystal rank.

Escalation came into the Season declaring victory would be theirs, and they lived up to their word, grinding out open-world objectives and paying out huge amounts of Silver to their Crystal League teams. This led to their second season win, but their greatest achievement was claiming the top spot on the all time Guild PvP Fame charts, ending the season with a total of 125.3 billion PvP Fame.

Albion East: Winter Go Out On Top

As Albion East’s second season got underway, Winter (pictured below - click to expand) announced that they would push for top spot, and they started with a bang, grinding out all the objectives they could in the open world. While that was going on, the battle for second place was going on between GOBLINS and Order of Ares, and as the season drew to a close this contest really heated up.

With Winter announcing that they'd be folding at the end of the season, many of its members were already joining a new guild: send. GOBLINS saw an opportunity to secure Winter’s inner-ring territories, which had around 40,000 Season Points in storage, and launched into them, not expecting a strong defense. But Order of Ares were one step ahead, having gotten wind of their plans, and called on their allies to drop their territories for them. Order of Ares held onto sixty territories total on the final day of points payouts, with Winter also massing for one last time as players came back into the guild for one last call to arms, fighting back the attackers and keeping hold of their territories. After the fighting subsided, Winter handed the 40,000 Season Points over to Order of Ares with the territories, allowing them to secure a whopping 110,000 Season Points from territory payouts and launching them into second spot, closing out the season 50,000 points ahead of GOBLINS.

At the end of the Season, Shy, Winter’s Guildmaster and Shotcaller, had this to say:

"Season 2 on Albion East will be an unforgettable memory for me, and I will always be grateful to all the guild members who followed me. Even though I’m leaving, I hope my fellow Winter members will always be successful."

Top ten guilds - Albion West Season 20:
  1. Escalation (963,910 points)
  2. Sex and Flex (685,661 points)
  3. Fax (606,658 points)
  4. Crabs Horde (441,015 points)
  5. | Guess What | (384,898 points)
  6. Smurfing Monkeys (371,916 points)
  7. SUN (371,449 points)
  8. Contingent (320,198 points)
  9. The Lonely Men (318,990 points)
  10. Free Beer (302,091 points)
Top ten guilds - Albion East Season 20:
  1. Winter (1,068,533 points)
  2. Order of Ares (828,804 points)
  3. GOBLINS (773,492 points)
  4. S I A M (535,115 points)
  5. White Bears (469,962 points)
  6. PLAC (371,591 points)
  7. One Gin (323,393 points)
  8. Just Hold (323,242 points)
  9. Squirtle Army (322,997 points)
  10. FarmingLife In Albion (319,375 points)

Watch the Final CLC This Weekend

The next Guild Season starts on September 23, but before then there is the final edition of Albion’s Crystal League Championship coming up this weekend! Tune in to AlbionTV to watch the top 5v5 teams battling it out, and see who takes the crown for the last time along with the rare Saber Tiger Rex Swiftclaw skin. Broadcast times are as follows:
  • Albion East: Saturday 16 September, 10:00 UTC
  • Albion West: Sunday 17 September, 17:00 UTC
Check out this forum post for full details, and join us for what promises to be a thrilling tournament!

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