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Beyond the Veil Patch 3 - Ver. 21.030.1 - January 9, 2023

Roads of Avalon Changes
The Roads of Avalon have received a significant overhaul and re-balance based on feedback received after the Beyond the Veil update. While the original intention was to refocus the Roads of Avalon to be solely targeted at groups, we no longer feel this is representative of the diversity of different audiences the Roads of Avalon have catered to in the past. This patch aims to increase activity, content, and rewards for a wider audience in the Roads - without taking content away from existing audiences to accomplish that.
Camp Changes
  • Roaming Avalonian Mobs and weaker Avalonian Camps have been adjusted in difficulty and reward to work well for 1-3 players. These camps are now marked with a green chest icon on the map, as they were in previous iterations of the Roads.
  • Medium Avalonian Camps have been largely left unchanged, but they are better protected from very small groups taking advantage of their rewards, so this content should now remain exclusive to groups of 4-6 players or more. These camps are marked with a blue chest icon on the map.
  • Strong Avalonian Camps have had their rewards buffed and should be playable in groups of 7 or more players. They are marked with an orange icon on the map.
  • Camps and their chests now respawn significantly faster, due to the new split in Camp distribution across different group sizes. No specific Camp size will see a reduction in available content despite having fewer locations available.
  • Mobs protecting chests in the Roads now upgrade as the chest upgrades. Further, when a chest upgrades it will respawn all mobs around it.
New Environment
The Roads of Avalon now feature revamped environmental visuals. These update the look and feel of the Roads to better match the rest of Albion, while retaining their unique identity.
Mob Ability Changes
  • Knockback of Cartwheel and Sweep from Raid Camp Monk has been reduced to match the knockback distance of the roaming version
  • The roaming Avalonian Warrior no longer hits with a second auto-attack
  • The roaming Avalonian Warrior and Avalonian Knight have had their Damage and Health substantially reduced, along with their rewards, to make them a more suitable objective for 1 to 3 players
We’ll continue to read through feedback and collect other data to ensure the Roads are a great option for all audiences who want to find content there. For more on the intentions behind these changes, see this forum post: forum.albiononline.com/index.php/Thread/173711

Streamer Mode Introduced

An optional Safe Streamer Mode has been introduced:
  • This mode can be turned on and off in the Settings menu
  • When turned on, it hides various UI components that could be used to find the character's position while live-streaming
  • It also hides login email when game disconnects, to avoid sharing this with viewers
  • (NOTE: when streaming via the Steam client, login email will still be visible on character selection screen)
Other Changes
  • The debuff a character receives when fast traveling from a Rest or Outlands Hideout has been made more lenient to allow greater freedom for small-scale travel
    • This debuff will now only remove a Home binding when walking from a Portal City to the Outlands
      • Traveling to the Outlands using another method (e.g. Roads of Avalon or the Mists) will not remove Home binding
    • Traveling to a Portal City from the Outlands on foot will remove this debuff, allowing a character to freely travel again without fear of losing their Home
  • The map for the Crystal League and Crystal Arena has been changed for the rest of Season 18 from "Spade" to "Cross"
Combat Balance Changes
This patch improves some currently underperforming items and abilities like Dual Swords and Dagger Pair, and makes other adjustments aimed at the 5v5 Crystal League meta. There are improved options for breaking through high-defense strategies, like Iron Breaker being able to break Shields and blinks protecting against purges, to pair with offensive builds like regular Bows. It also tones down some of the strongest defensive options like Iron-clad and Druid Staffs. This patch also changes the map back to the “Cross” version for Crystal League and Crystal Arena for the duration of Season 18 (see "Other Changes" above).

  • Raging Blades (all Axes)
    • Vastly improved Hit Detection to be more reliable
    • Added an additional hit directly on activation
    • Inner Ring Radius: 2.5m → 2m
  • Shadow Edge (all Daggers)
    • Improved Hit Detection at max range
  • Slit Throat (Dagger Pair)
    • The cast is now uninterruptible
    • Cast Range: 2m → 3m
    • Cast Range Tolerance: 5m → 7m (the cast will no longer be canceled as easily by running away)
  • Iron Breaker (all Hammers)
    • Now also removes enemy shields
Nature Staffs
  • Rejuvenating Flower (all Nature Staffs)
    • The Flower on the ground is now activated by any ally stepping on it
    • Flower Area Radius: 3m → 5m
    • Max Targets: 5 → 10
    • Standtime: 0.4s → 0s
  • Spiritual Seed (Druid Staff)
    • Cooldown after Recast: 20s → 30s (Casting once still has 20s cooldown)
  • Spirit Animal (Rampant Staff)
    • Max Targets: 15 → 20
    • Healing Increased per Ally: 30% → 20%
    • Maximum Targets for Heal Increase: 10 → 20
  • Hurricane (Iron-clad Staff)
    • Channel Duration: 3s → 2s
  • Breakthrough (Daybreaker)
    • Cast Time: 0.5s → 0.35s
    • Dash Speed: 20m/s → 24m/s
  • Spinning Blades (Dual Swords)
    • The Caster is now immune to all CC Effects during the Jump
    • Damage is now independent of Heroic Charges (it always does 2 Heroic Charges damage now)
    • Enemies are knocked airborne for 0.6s on impact
    • Auto Attack Buff Duration: 5s → 3s
    • Auto Attack Buff Damage Increase: 50% → 100%
  • Blink (Cleric Sandals)
    • Caster is now also immune to purges for 0.2s
  • Raging Blink (Stalker Shoes)
    • Caster is now also immune to purges for 0.2s
  • Evasive Jump (Royal Shoes)
    • Caster is now immune to purges during the jump
  • Long Hostile Dismount
    • Ability Cooldown: 12s → 15s
  • Spell fixes:
    • Fixed issue where the Storm Shield spell on Wild Magic (Feyscale Robe) was incorrectly triggered by each tick of Damage over Time spells
    • Mist Cloud (Mistwalker Jacket) now only applies invisibility to party members
  • Fixed visual effects and Fame rewards for certain Avalonian mobs
  • Elite mobs in the Roads of Avalon now have the same values as those in Avalonian Dungeons
  • Fixed issue where, if a player was bound to a City Portal, removed the binding in a different city, and used that city's portal, they were sometimes transported to the "old" Portal City and bound to it again
  • Fixed issue where auto-denying custom matches was not possible
  • Fixed issue where client crashed after disconnecting while fishing
  • Removed "Eggsecutioner" Weapon Skin from Twitch Drops and Vanity Merchant "Community" Section
  • Fixed issue where Snow Husky audio would play with each mount cast
  • Additional graphical, animation, audio, UI, terrain, and localization fixes