Guild Season Schedules: Albion West Season 20 / Albion East Season 2

Beginning with these Guild Seasons, the seasons on the two servers (Albion West in Washington, DC and Albion East in Singapore) now start and end on the same dates. The times UTC for start, end, and prime times are optimized for each server.

Schedule: Albion West Season 20 - Starts 17 June at 11:00 UTC

Date Weekday Event Portal Binding Removal Day of Season
17.06.2023 Saturday Season start: reset, invasion, all the trimmings Disabled (11 UTC) 1
18.06.2023 Sunday Scoring starts (by time zone) 2
19.06.2023 Monday Territory Battles Start Enabled (11 UTC) 3
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31 May

Hello all,

Alongside Into the Fray we’re excited to announce the launch of our new weekly Twitch Drop campaigns. Starting June 8, players watching official Albion Online Content Creators on Twitch will be able to earn special rewards, such as permanent wardrobe and mount skins, or our new Victory Emote charges.

Twitch Drops are an easy way to claim awesome loot just by watching streamers on Twitch. You can track your progress towards these rewards via the progress bar on your Twitch profile. Once you’ve earned rewards, you can claim them as long as you’ve linked your Albion Online and Twitch accounts.

How to Link your Accounts

In order to receive Twitch Drops and have them delivered you will need a Twitch account as well as an Albion Online account. Then simply:
  1. Go to
  2. Make sure you’re logged in with the Albion Online account you want to receive Twitch...
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19 May

One of the standout features of the recent Knightfall patch was an all-new dungeon in the Mists - Knightfall Abbey. Along with beautiful visuals and new gameplay, it also features a stunning new theme song which is now available on all major streaming platforms.

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18 May


In honor of the launch of Albion East, we're offering huge savings on Starter Bundles, as well as a limited-time bundle featuring the Knight Adventurer for only $4.95! The Knight Adventurer Vanity Bundle includes regular and guild versions of four costume items, two unique vanity spells, and regular/guild Knight skins for any Armored Horse mount. This bundle normally costs $29.95 on its own, so make sure to take advantage of this offer while it lasts!…c9bc819181d77b7b78aa96bf7

Gold and Premium can be claimed on either server, and premiere Vanity Skins are unlocked on both servers.

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17 May

  • Fixed an issue where some accounts could not send a trust request upon hitting their Gold Market limit

05 May

The Knightfall patch is just around the corner, and will bring some big new features and changes to Albion, like new Mists objectives, Roads changes, and more. In this Dev Talk, Game Director Robin Henkys looks inside one of the most exciting of these new features, the Mists dungeon known as Knightfall Abbey.

Read a written summary here:
And if you missed the introduction to the Knightfall patch, you can watch that Dev Talk here: ... Read more

02 May

It’s been a little over one and a half months since the full launch of Albion East, and that time has flown by! Player numbers in Albion have soared, and show no sign of waning. With that in mind, we thought it would be interesting to take a fresh look at the stats for Albion East that we shared after the first 14 days and put them together into a new handy infographic for you:... Read more

01 May

Beyond the Veil Hotfix 7.3

  • Fixed issue where Sidestep (Enchanted Arrow) was still usable while overburdened

27 Apr

While Albion East has helped bring record numbers of players to the game, we’ve been hard at work on our next major patch, called Knightfall. In this Dev Talk, Game Director Robin Henkys takes a look at some of the features and improvements that will be introduced with this patch, including updates and improvements to the Mists and the Roads of Avalon and some big quality-of-life improvements. (Note: subtitles are available for all supported languages.)

You can also read a written summary here: ... Read more

12 Apr

Beyond the Veil Hotfix 7.1


  • Crystal League & Crystal Arena: Claiming a Runestone will now be canceled if the caster is Invisible or Invincible
  • Territory Battles: Claiming a Territory will now be canceled if the caster is Invisible or Invincible
  • Fixed an issue where Spring Cottontails could grow up to have an unexpected fur color
Note: This hotfix will be deployed separately on Albion West and Albion East during their respective maintenance times on 4 April. This is a server-side hotfix and does not require a client update.

06 Apr

It's been just over two weeks since the massive public launch of Albion East, which shattered Albion's all-time concurrent player record as it introduced an untouched version of the game world for the first time since launch. To celebrate this tremendous milestone in Albion's history, we've put together this infographic with some of the major (and less major) stats from the new server!

We'd like to extend a warm welcome to those starting out in Albion East, and are enjoying seeing a new version of Albion take shape. New players can look fo... Read more

03 Apr


While 2021 may not have brought quite the same level of unprecedented upheavals as 2020, it was nonetheless a year of various challenges. For the Albion Online team, it meant another year of developing the game in an almost entirely remote capacity, during which it saw two massive content updates, the long-anticipated mobile launch, and exploding player numbers. Throughout it all, the Albion community was as supportive as ever, and with the continued engagement of veteran players, combined with ever-increasing new player numbers, the game had its biggest year yet.

Join us as we take a look back at some of the highlights of the past year: ... Read more

28 Mar


This is the first of our Basic Builds series of guides for beginner-to-intermediate players. Each guide presents a suggested build and describes how its abilities work in tandem. You can try these out as-is, or use them as a starting point to create new builds of your own.


This build is based around the Battleaxe, which is characterized by a self-sustaining ability called Blood Bandit that lets you throw your axe twice, dealing damage while also healing yourself.

The full build offers additional self-healing, a defensive ability with energy recovery, and additional mobility.

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21 Mar

Queen Hotfix 11.3


  • Reverted player-buildable building icons to pre-Patch 11 state
  • "Latest login" in Friend and Guild UI now shows most recent logins first
  • Farming and laborer fixes:
    • Confirmation message for picking up farmables now only appears when needed
    • Reduced volume of watering and farm animal sounds
    • Fixed an issue where laborers were still visible even when out on a job
  • Undead mob fixes:
    • Tier 8 Undead Veteran and Elite enemies now reward 30% more Fame and loot as intended
    • Roaming Skeleton Fame increased (all levels/tiers)
    • Tier 8 Urns (found in the Tier 8 Undead World Boss Location) have been downgraded from Veteran to Standard
    • Tier 8 Undead Shades have been ...
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18 Mar

Beyond the Veil Patch 5 - Ver. 22.050.1 - March 7, 2023

New Twitch Drops

This patch expands our available Twitch Drop rewards, with 19 new wardrobe skins and 2 new mount skins. These can now appear in all Community Chests and be purchased at the Vanity Merchant.

Crystal League and Crystal Arena

Crystal League match rules are changing next season. Runestones now score less frequently, but successfully scored Runestones reset each round. This stops teams from simply getting a Runestone advantage, playing defensively, and winning over time. To make up for longer scoring rounds, the point value per rotation is increased so match duration remains roughly the same.
5v5 Crystal League & Crystal Arena
  • At the end of each round, all scoring Runestones reset; the team that holds most Runestones at the end of each round loses their Runestones
  • ...
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17 Mar

New to Albion, and wondering what your first steps should be in this vast and exciting world? We’ve created a brand-new video guide in collaboration with AOFAQ to help navigate these early stages and make your mark!

Whether you’re just starting on Albion West or awaiting the launch of Albion East on March 20, this video will set you in good stead as you begin your adventures. (Note: This video includes subtitles for all ou... Read more
Beyond the Veil Patch 6 - Ver. 22.060.1 - March 13, 2023

This patch contains preparatory changes for the launch of the Albion East server on March 20, 2023.

  • Fixed rare issue where failed spell casts did not properly reset spell cooldowns

16 Mar


With the Albion East Closed Beta over, the new server is ready to launch on March 20. Some are already making their way in this fresh version of Albion, gathering resources and building up their characters. You can also get a head start with an Albion East Founder Pack!

Access dates differ depending on tier of Founder Pack, with Crystal and Gold Founders able to join the new server already. The different Founder Pack access date... Read more

The Albion East Closed Beta starts February 20. In addition to a fresh version of Albion's game world and unique rewards, the beta gives the forthcoming Arcanist Wardrobe and Mount Skin Bundle free to all characters on your account, before its official release!

This bundle not only makes you stand out during beta, but can be used on Albion West immediately and Albion East after launch - so you can stand out on both servers.

With its vivid colors that evoke the Mists, the Arcanist bundle transforms you and your Direboar into mystical warriors. This premiere bundle includes the following wardrobe and mount skin items:
  • Arcanist's Helmet
  • Arcanist's Armor
  • Arcanist's Boots
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15 Mar


The one-of-a-kind Albion East Beta Guild Season ran from February 20-March 13, concurrent with the Closed Beta. And after the dust settled, the winners were declared: congratulations to SIAM on their decisive victory! Along with second-place winners SINAG and third-place winners Kamikaze, they will be commemorated in the first-ever Season Winner Statues on the Albion East server, which will be placed in the open world for all to see.

Additionally, the top 5 guilds have earned the right to design their own custom guild logo in collaboration with the Albion art team, which will become permanently available to all guilds on both servers!

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