30 Jan


UPDATE: An additional Reset Day has been added on February 25 to collect more data for this type of content in the beta. The other season dates remain unchanged.

The Beta Guild Season is part of the Albion East Closed Beta, which runs from February 20-March 12, 2023, only on the new Albion East server. It is only accessible to players with an Albion East Founder Pack.

For full details about the new server, Founder Packs, the Closed Beta, and more, please see the dedicated Albion East page: ... Read more

26 Jan

Beyond the Veil Hotfix 3.1
  • Added additional shop category for Founder Packs
Note: This is optional client hotfix will be deployed later for mobile, and remains compatible with the previous version on all platforms.

24 Jan

Hello all,

Alongside Into the Fray we’re excited to announce the launch of our new weekly Twitch Drop campaigns. Starting June 8, players watching official Albion Online Content Creators on Twitch will be able to earn special rewards, such as permanent wardrobe and mount skins, or our new Victory Emote charges.

Twitch Drops are an easy way to claim awesome loot just by watching streamers on Twitch. You can track your progress towards these rewards via the progress bar on your Twitch profile. Once you’ve earned rewards, you can claim them as long as you’ve linked your Albion Online and Twitch accounts.

How to Link your Accounts

In order to receive Twitch Drops and have them delivered you will need a Twitch account as well as an Albion Online account. Then simply:
  1. Go to
  2. Make sure you’re logged in with the Albion Online account you want to receive Twitch...
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22 Jan

Beyond the Veil Patch 3 - Ver. 21.030.1 - January 9, 2023

Roads of Avalon Changes
The Roads of Avalon have received a significant overhaul and re-balance based on feedback received after the Beyond the Veil update. While the original intention was to refocus the Roads of Avalon to be solely targeted at groups, we no longer feel this is representative of the diversity of different audiences the Roads of Avalon have catered to in the past. This patch aims to increase activity, content, and rewards for a wider audience in the Roads - without taking content away from existing audiences to accomplish that.
Camp Changes
  • Roaming Avalonian Mobs and weaker Avalonian Camps have been adjusted in difficulty and reward to work well for 1-3 players. These camps are now marked with a green chest icon on the map, as they were in previous iterations of the Roads.
  • ...
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18 Jan


Beyond the Veil Patch 3 has arrived! This patch continues to improve the Roads of Avalon, as well as introducing Streamer Mode, various Combat Balance changes, and more.

Read more here:
Read the full patchnotes here: ... Read more

21 Dec


Albion Online has once again been named the Best PvP MMO by ... Read more

17 Dec

Beyond the Veil Patch 2 Hotfix 1


  • Resolved an issue that prevented Group Random Dungeon Maps from being used in the Outlands or on the Royal Continent
  • Resolved an issue with home binding removal that would improperly remove the home binding after entering a Hellgate, Corrupted Dungeon, Lethal Mists, or the Roads of Avalon rather than just the Outlands
    • The home binding is still removed when traveling to the Outlands from the Mists or the Roads
    • There is a known issue that causes the home binding removal warning message to display when entering the Roads of Avalon; this is a display issue only and the home binding will not be removed until using a Roads portal that leads to the Outlands

15 Dec


Albion’s next Guild Season begins Saturday, December 17, with a quicker pace and changes to the Crystal Arena and Conqueror’s Challenge, plus valuable rewards like the powerful Goliath Horseeater for ranking guilds. Click here for the full season schedule, or read on for more details...

Uni... Read more

13 Dec

Season 18 Schedule and Changes

Guild Season 18 kicks off on Saturday, December 17th.

This season will be shorter than a standard season and will have a faster pace between Invasion Days.

  1. Important Dates
  2. Season Rewards
  3. What's New This Season
  4. Detailed Season Schedule
  5. Crystal League Schedule
1. Important Dates
  • 17.12.2022 (Saturday): Season starts, Invasion Day #1, all Territories Reset
  • 18.12.2022 (Sunday): Scoring starts (by time zone)
  • 19.12.2022 (Monday): Territory Battles Start
  • 07.01.2023 (Saturday): Invasion Day #2 - Energy/Season Point Storage Payout, all Territories Reset
  • 28.01.2023 (Saturday): Invasion...
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07 Dec

Beyond the Veil Patch 1 - Ver. 21.010.1

Roads of Avalon Changes
  • Direct connections between Hideout zones redirected to raid zones
    • Increases likelihood of raid zones having two separate connections at once
  • In non-Hideout Roads zones:
    • Randomized Dungeon Maps no longer usable
    • Static Randomized Dungeons no longer appear in enchanted form
    • Increased Static Randomized Dungeon rewards
  • Resource mobs (Elemental, Dryad, Cougar, Wood Spirit) in Roads now spawn with full charges
  • Updated behavior of Avalonian mobs in Roads:
    • Decreased knockback of Avalonian Monk and damage of the standard version
    • Added immediate spell cast to Monk, Warrior, Mage
    • Decreased Warrior attack power
  • Roads o...
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05 Dec

Beyond the Veil Hotfix 3

Mists Reward Increases

  • Increased the number of enchanted Wisps in the Mists by ~100%
  • Mythical creatures now spawn in all enchanted Mists regions instead of only higher-tier enchanted Mists regions, increasing their availability by +440% overall
  • Mists Mob Camps:
    • Doubled requirements and rewards of mob camp objectives in the Mists
    • Doubled the spawn rate of mobs in mob camps (average of 180s → 90s)
    • Mob camps in Lethal Mists now award Might and Favor
  • Smaller versions of Crystal Spiders, “Arcane Spiderlings,” will now spawn within the Mists
    • These mobs are marked on the map and award Might, Favor, and loot like the larger versions
    • These mobs do not award credit toward Guild Might Levels for “Crystal Spiders”
    • ...
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02 Dec

Season 17 Schedule and Changes

Guild Season 17 kicks off on Saturday, September 17th.

This season will be one week shorter than a standard season to avoid Season 18 beginning on December 24, and as a result will offer tripled points during the final weeks.

Read on for all the details:
  1. Important Dates
  2. What's New This Season
  3. Detailed Season Schedule
1. Important Dates
  • 17.09.2022 (Saturday): Season starts, Invasion Day #1, all Territories Reset
  • 18.09.2022 (Sunday): Scoring starts (by time zone)
  • 19.09.2022 (Monday): Territory Battles Start
  • 15.10.2022 (Saturday): Invasion Day #2 - Energy/Season Point Storage Payout, all Territories Reset
  • 12.11.2022 (Saturday)...
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01 Dec


Get this festive and faithful Transport Ox skin in the new referral season! Read more here:

29 Nov

Our last Dev Talk announced the forthcoming Beyond the Veil update, and introduced the Roads of Avalon rework that will be coming with it. In the second Dev Talk taking a closer look at this update, Game Director Robin Henkys introduces a massive and much-awaited feature: the Mists.

Note: This video includes subtitles for all our supported languages.

For a written summary, click here: ... Read more

24 Nov

Beyond the Veil - Hotfix #2

Mists Changes

  • The respawn speed of enemies within the Mists has been doubled to make sure Mists don’t clear out quite as fast
  • Fame received from freeing Caged Wisps, escorting Weakened Wisps, and clearing mob camps now properly applies to current equipment
  • The treasure chest value in the Mists has been roughly tripled to be approximately equivalent to treasure chests found in the open world
  • Weakened Wisps have had their Might and Favor value increased significantly to better reward players who help them
  • Resources now spawn more of their charges up front rather than saving them for later in the Mist’s life cycle to reduce the frequency of one charge nodes
  • Mythical mobs had their loot tables slightly adjusted to account for yesterday’s general loot increase, which allows us to spawn 20% more mythical mobs...
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Beyond the Veil Update - Version 21.000.1 - November 21, 2022

The Mists

  • The Mists are a new realm dedicated to solo and duo PvE and PvP gameplay
  • Will o’ Wisps can be found in the open world and Roads of Avalon:
    • If followed, they open portals to the Mists for a short period before disappearing
    • Depending on the type of Wisp, the portals allow either one or two players to enter before closing:
      • Portals to “The Mists" (the solo version of the Mists) only support one player and parties can’t be formed while inside The Mists
      • Portals to “The Greater Mists" (the duo version of the Mists) support parties of up to two players, but no more
    • These portals have a rarity level, which can upgrade over time
  • Wisps can also be found within the Mi...
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23 Nov


As previously announced, the prices of Gold and Premium will increase on November 28. This means that you have until then to lock in the current, lower prices via the Albion Online Web Shop or native client, and benefit from them for as long as your subscription is active!

This deal is only available through the Albion Online Web Shop or on the native client. If you have an active subscrip... Read more

30 Oct


Bob has returned to Albion, and the Allhallows event is back! From now until maintenance on November 10, seek out the Hallowed Ground dungeon (indicated by special pumpkin-covered entrances in the open world) and fight your way to the end.

And new this year, you can find Allhallows Treats in the final chest, which give a temporary Fame Boost when eaten. Don't save them too long though, as they will spoil once the event ends! As with past years, there's also a rare chance to get the Jack o' Donkey and Horse Macabre skins.

Get all the details here: ... Read more

26 Oct

It's been a while since our last Dev Talk, and many of you have been eagerly awaiting updates. In our newest video, Game Director Robin Henkys introduces some of the major new features coming to Albion with the next content update, including changes to the Roads of Avalon, a massive new feature called the Mists, and a new line of artifacts for trade and crafting.

NOTE: This video includes subtitles in all our supported languages.

For a written version, click here:

12 Oct

  • [PC, Mac, Linux] Fixed issue with Gold Market where typing a Gold amount would not update Silver (issue may still persist in rare cases)
NOTE: This issue will be fixed for iOS/Android in an upcoming patch. The previous client version remains compatible with this version and does not require an update.