13 Nov

Wild Blood Hotfix #3

Balancing Adjustments to Tracking

  • We have been following your progress and activity around tracking closely, and have decided to remove all large group hunts for targets that would have dropped Silver.
  • That means every large group Tracking target will now drop ingredients, and has a chance to drop an artifact.
  • There are no changes to small group hunts yet, as we want to analyze the impact of this change without muddying the results with additional changes.
Combat Balance Change
We are keeping a very close eye on the integration of the new weapons and potions into Albion's meta. For the most part it is still too early to tell exactly how strong they are. However, one adjustment we already see needed is the reduction of the Reality Fissure range. This is necessary because Reality Fissure provided Shapeshifters in human for... Read more

11 Nov

Hello all,

Alongside Into the Fray we’re excited to announce the launch of our new weekly Twitch Drop campaigns. Starting June 8, players watching official Albion Online Content Creators on Twitch will be able to earn special rewards, such as permanent wardrobe and mount skins, or our new Victory Emote charges.

Twitch Drops are an easy way to claim awesome loot just by watching streamers on Twitch. You can track your progress towards these rewards via the progress bar on your Twitch profile. Once you’ve earned rewards, you can claim them as long as you’ve linked your Albion Online and Twitch accounts.

How to Link your Accounts

In order to receive Twitch Drops and have them delivered you will need a Twitch account as well as an Albion Online account. Then simply:
  1. Go to
  2. Make sure you’re logged in with the Albion Online account you want to receive Twitch...
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08 Nov

Wild Blood Patch 1 - Ver. 23.010.1 - November 6, 2023

Tracking Changes

  • Now that a good number of players have made sufficient Tracking progress and overall activity for the feature is normalizing, all additional creatures which drop Silver have been removed. This means every Tracking target will now at least drop rare ingredients, with the chance of dropping artifacts as well.
  • In red zones, loot from Tracking will be protected for the Tracking party, as long as they engage in combat with the tracked creature
    • If the Tracking party did not engage in combat, loot will be protected for whoever kills the tracked creature
    • PvP-flagged players are still able to claim loot
  • Sylvian shield applied to allies during a channeling phase now removes all effects when either the shield breaks or the ally suffers a force...
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06 Nov


It’s the spookiest time of the year - and the Allhallows event is here! For its duration you can run the limited-time Hallowed Ground dungeon for the chance to grab the very rare Jack o’ Donkey and Horse Macabre mount skins!

This dungeon can appear randomly in T4-T8 zones across the open world, and can be entered through special portals adorned with pumpkins. Once inside, you’ll find it filled with blood-curdling mobs, bone-chilling decorations, and the abominable final boss: Bob. Should you withstand its horrors and defeat this pumpkin-headed nuisance, you’ll find a special Hallowed Ground chest which, along with those ultra-rare mount skins, may contain some special Allhallows Treats. These grant a temporary boost to all non-PvP Fame... Read more

27 Oct

Wild Blood went live on October 16, and players have been busy Tracking terrifying beasts, crafting Shapeshifter Staffs, and awakening their weapons to previously unseen levels. So we’ve delved into the data, and come out with this new infographic to give a snapshot of what’s been going on in Albion since the update released! (Click to expand)

We’re thrilled to see so many of you out th... Read more

23 Oct

Wild Blood Update - Version 23.000.1 - October 16, 2023

With this update, Windows 7 and 8 are no longer supported. More info here:

Shapeshifter Weapons

  • Shapeshifter Weapons are a new Staff Weapon Line on the Hunter Weapon Tree
    • Allow players to transform into creatures (called Shapes), each offering different...
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17 Oct

Wild Blood Hotfix #2

The following fixes will be deployed on East and West during their respective maintenance periods, and will not require updating the game client:

  • Faction Warfare "City Heart" transport quests now correctly lead to zones close to their respective cities
  • Marketplace Quick Sell fixes:
    • Fixed issue where Quick Sell did not always use highest bid
    • Added tax display to Quick Sell
    • Fixed untranslated title in Quick Sell UI
  • Mobs will no longer cast and re-cast spells too quickly
    • Removed magic cast time reduction and magic cooldown reduction from mobs
  • Fixed issue where T4 Poison Potion scaled in damage
  • Fixed issues where Power Vortices did not appear on world map
  • Added Tracking Toolkits and Shapeshifte...
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Wild Blood Hotfix #1

Note: This Hotfix will be deployed respectively on East and West during the first maintenance after the update goes live, and will not require updating the game client.

Tracking Changes
  • For the additional trackable creatures added with this launch that do not drop artifacts or rare ingredients, Silver dropped has been increased by 300%.
Shapeshifter Weapons:
  • Fixed issue where zone change did not trigger proper cooldowns when transformed via Shapeshifter Weapons
  • Fixed issue where tracking creatures sometimes disengaged too early
  • Fixed rare issue during final Tracking stage where target could escape too early
  • Fixed party size threshold that causes Tracking targets to flee:
    • Small group h...
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28 Sep

Following our recent introduction to the Island and Farming Rework coming with the Wild Blood update, Game Director Robin Henkys takes a closer look at a massive addition to Albion’s sandbox world: Awakened Weapons.

(Note: This video includes subtitles for all our supported languages.)

To read a written summary, click ... Read more

14 Sep

Ahead of the launch of the new Albion East server, Game Director Robin Henkys sat down to take a look at what this means for Albion, the Closed Beta, and what the playing experience will be like.

Read a written summary here:
Learn more about the server and get a Founder Pack here: ... Read more

10 Aug

Guild Season Schedules: Albion West Season 20 / Albion East Season 2

Beginning with these Guild Seasons, the seasons on the two servers (Albion West in Washington, DC and Albion East in Singapore) now start and end on the same dates. The times UTC for start, end, and prime times are optimized for each server.

Schedule: Albion West Season 20 - Starts 17 June at 11:00 UTC

Date Weekday Event Portal Binding Removal Day of Season
17.06.2023 Saturday Season start: reset, invasion, all the trimmings Disabled (11 UTC) 1
18.06.2023 Sunday Scoring starts (by time zone) 2
19.06.2023 Monday Territory Battles Start Enabled (11 UTC) 3
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20 Jul


New to the game, or haven't played in awhile? Check out our updated guide to Zone Types and Flagging in Albion, covering zone colors, Faction Warfare, special areas, and more:

Stay tuned for more guides in the coming weeks!

19 Jul

Beyond the Veil Hotfix 11.1

  • [DESKTOP] Added BattlEye anti-cheat software to the client for increased security and anti-bot measures. After this patch is downloaded, BattlEye will run automatically and does not require any further setup or login.
Note: Mobile clients remain compatible with this version.

17 Jul


With Albion’s sixth anniversary just around the corner, the celebrations continue apace. Decorations adorn the cities, adventurers enjoy some birthday cake, and the statues of Conquerors’ Hall are back out in the open world! For the next two weeks, you can fight these living monuments to Albion’s history in the Living Legacy event.

And to mark this special occasion, we’ve created a brand-new trailer:

Rich Rewards

In ad... Read more

08 Jul


It’s not all conquering territories and killing mobs, you know. While some swashbuckling adventurers spend their time slaying mobs and fighting over castles, some lead a slower-paced life, tending the land on Albion’s long summer days.
But these rural folk need companions too - and luckily there’s a friend they can rely on: Ol’ Betsy.

Yep, for the month of July this benign bovine is available when you refer a single friend! This brand-new skin turns your Transport Ox base mount into a classic dairy cow, with a big old bell dangling from her neck. Once unlocked, it can be used by any characters on that particular server (either Albion East or West).

How to Earn Seasonal Referral Rewards
  • Send your refe...
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01 Jul


The dead just won't stay buried! For the entire month of July, take the Undead Challenge to unlock fantastic rewards. Earn points for open-world activities, unlock chests to get valuable loot, and claim your very own Spectral Direboar.

Learn more here:

29 Jun


The Titan Vanity Bundle is here! This brand-new premiere bundle is available to buy now, and includes a full costume set along with the Titan’s Warhorse Mount Skin for your Armored Horse base mount.
The Titan is a towering, storied warrior, feared and respected by all in Albion for its battlefield prowess. With thick, rock-like plating, it seems as ancient and elemental as the mountains of Albion themselves, and from within emanates a crystalline blue light. The Titan’s Warhorse comes encased in matching armor, giving you the appearance of a monolithic mass brought to life as you loom over your enemies.

The Titan bundle includes the following vanity skins, which work on male and female characters alike:
  • Titan's Helmet...
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Hello all,

The Destiny Board is your skill tree and progress guide through Albion Online. In addition to tracking progress, it illustrates what activities you must complete to unlock skills, wear stronger gear, or gather better resources. It is a vital tool, and while it might seem overwhelming, it will become easier to understand after you spend time with it.

Because understanding this fundamental game mechanic is crucial to your success in Albion Online, we've created an updated guide to the Destiny Board, which you can view here in all our supported languages: ... Read more

23 Jun

Beyond the Veil Patch 10 - Ver. 22.100.1 - June 19, 2023

This patch includes changes for the current Guild Seasons. For a full rundown of these changes and the reasoning behind them, as well as the season schedules, see this forum post:

Hideout Energy and Power Changes

  • If a guild owns a territory in the same zone as thei...
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06 Jun


The dust has settled on another Guild Season - and for the first time in Albion's history, this one played out as two dual full seasons on Albion's two servers. Congrats to Albion West winners Paura and Albion East winners Fr Bailand! Read on for a summary of how these seasons unfolded on each server, and see the top-ten ranking for each at the end of this article. (Thanks to @Robinhoodrs... Read more