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Queen Hotfix 11.3


  • Reverted player-buildable building icons to pre-Patch 11 state
  • "Latest login" in Friend and Guild UI now shows most recent logins first
  • Farming and laborer fixes:
    • Confirmation message for picking up farmables now only appears when needed
    • Reduced volume of watering and farm animal sounds
    • Fixed an issue where laborers were still visible even when out on a job
  • Undead mob fixes:
    • Tier 8 Undead Veteran and Elite enemies now reward 30% more Fame and loot as intended
    • Roaming Skeleton Fame increased (all levels/tiers)
    • Tier 8 Urns (found in the Tier 8 Undead World Boss Location) have been downgraded from Veteran to Standard
    • Tier 8 Undead Shades have been upgraded from Veteran to Elite
  • [Mobile] In-game camera zoom level and chat position now persists when moving between clusters and closing / reopening game

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