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Beyond the Veil - Hotfix #2

Mists Changes

  • The respawn speed of enemies within the Mists has been doubled to make sure Mists don’t clear out quite as fast
  • Fame received from freeing Caged Wisps, escorting Weakened Wisps, and clearing mob camps now properly applies to current equipment
  • The treasure chest value in the Mists has been roughly tripled to be approximately equivalent to treasure chests found in the open world
  • Weakened Wisps have had their Might and Favor value increased significantly to better reward players who help them
  • Resources now spawn more of their charges up front rather than saving them for later in the Mist’s life cycle to reduce the frequency of one charge nodes
  • Mythical mobs had their loot tables slightly adjusted to account for yesterday’s general loot increase, which allows us to spawn 20% more mythical mobs than before
  • Wisps will now occasionally spawn throughout the lifetime of a Mists region, allowing players to move on should they find one while exploring
  • The mount health cap has been reduced from 1500 to 1200
  • Player loot in the Mists is now protected for the killer, disallowing others from looting their prey for a short time
  • Fixed an issue where Marketplace searches returned too many results
  • Fixed an issue where Stone Block refining resulted in more stone than it was supposed to
  • Fixed an issue where the Outlands shrine buff could be immediately canceled by gathering or logging out - will now keep the silence for 10 more seconds
  • [ANDROID] Stability improvements