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Beyond the Veil Patch 2 - Ver. 21.020.1 - December 14, 2022

Mists Changes

Player anonymity
  • Players within the Mists are now anonymous
    • Characters in the Mists and the Greater Mists will show as "Mysterious Stranger" to other players that are not in their party
    • This conceals their identity to any players that encounter them in the game world
    • Local chat channels (Say, Emote) also conceal player identities
    • Global chat channels will not conceal player identities as they are relevant to the player's current location
    • Certain UI options are disabled in anonymous areas (Stats, Trade, Duel, Whisper, Add Friend, Guild Invite)
      • "Report" still functions, and though the player's identity is not disclosed, the character's identity is reported correctly to our staff
    • A player's identity is only disclosed when:
      • They invite another player to their group (Greater Mists only)
      • They die

Mists tiers and rewards
  • Enchanted Mists now have an increased chance of leading to a higher-tier Mists zone
    • Before this Change:
      • Common
        • T6: 100%
      • Uncommon or higher
        • T6: 60%
        • T7: 30%
        • T8: 10%
    • After this Change:
      • Common
        • T6: 100%
      • Uncommon
        • T6: 66.67%
        • T7: 33.33%
      • Rare
        • T6: 40%
        • T7: 53.33%
        • T8: 6.67%
      • Epic
        • T7: 75%
        • T8: 25%
      • Legendary
        • T8: 100%

  • Higher-tier Mythical creatures are now more likely to spawn in higher-tier regions
  • Loot and Silver bonuses in Mists regions now match those in the Open World (an increase in silver and loot value of ~11.11%)
  • Upgrade distribution of enemies in the Mists increased (this results in an increase in Fame, loot, and Silver of ~12.6%)
Travel within the Mists
  • Reworked Brecilien and Unstable Roads Portals in the Mists
    • Brecilien Portals
      • 25% → 0% in Common Lethal Mists
      • 0% → 10% in Uncommon or higher Lethal Mists
      • No change in Nonlethal Mists
    • Unstable Roads Portals
      • 0% → 10% in Common Lethal Mists
      • 100% → 90% in Uncommon or higher Lethal Mists
      • 0% → 10% in Common Nonlethal Mists
      • 100% → 50% in Uncommon or higher Nonlethal Mists
  • Unstable Roads Portals within the Mists no longer connect to the Roads and now guarantee a connection to the Open World, significantly increasing their chances of connecting to both the Outlands and the Royal Continent
    • This does not affect the Unstable Roads Portal in Brecilien
  • Fast Travel with luggage is allowed to and from Brecilien, with the same cost as traveling between non-adjacent cities within the Royal Continent
Other Mists changes
  • Brecilien portals in the player’s zone become visible when Brecilien is unlocked, rather than after reaching the city
  • Arcane Spiderlings only appear on the minimap in close proximity, rather than mapwide
  • Skulls (player deaths) no longer display on the map in lethal Mists zones
  • The Mists entrance in Brecilien will not automatically select Duo Lethal if another member of your party has recently entered Duo Lethal
  • Party members of a player carrying a Wounded Wisp will also see the Wounded Wisp Sanctuary destination
Roads of Avalon Changes
Mob changes and fixes

  • Roaming mobs within the Roads of Avalon respawn more quickly
  • One-third of chest spawns in the Roads have been upgraded from Group to Raid level (i.e. mobs in these areas have been upgraded from Veteran to Elite); chest rewards increased accordingly
  • Focus Fire protection for mobs in the Roads now triggers correctly:
    • Champion and below: 8+
    • Miniboss and above: 21+
  • Avalonian Knight:
    • Fixed random knockbacks; Swords now only knockback when getting shot out of the circle
    • Shield knockback is blocked by immunities
    • Performs more attacks between spells, to reduce possibility of outhealing the damage solo
  • Avalonian Warrior:
    • Shatter (stun/knockback)
      • Removed CC
      • Added defense reduction vs. mobs
      • Reduced heal reduction duration: 12s → 6s
  • Avalonian Spellweaver
    • Increased downtime between beam casts
  • Pathfinder Heavy Drone
    • Fixed issue with Windwall chaining crowd control in certain situations
    • Stuns and knockbacks are now blocked by immunities
  • Avalonian Archer
    • Reduced stun duration of Melee knockback
    • Reduced stun duration of Silencing Shot
  • Avalonian Monk
    • Significantly reduced knockback distance and time for Monks in Roads camps
Other changes and fixes
  • Previous bonuses returned to Static Randomized Dungeons in the Roads
  • Increased number of incoming portals in Raid zones from 2 to 4, improving the chances of a Hideout zone connecting to a raid zone
  • Avalonian chests in the Roads are now protected by the entire camp
  • Fixed issue where Group Random Dungeon maps could not be used in Hideout zones within the Roads of Avalon
Season 16 Winner Statues
The statue for Season 16 winners Sex & Flex is now visible in Conquerors’ Hall, along with the logos of second and third-place runners-up War Gods and Hood and Scythe. In addition, Season 16 furniture items are now placeable.

Season 18 Changes

Albion's 18th Guild Season starts on December 17. It will be shorter than a standard season with Reset/Invasion Days occurring every 3 weeks.

For the full season schedule and rewards, see this forum post: https://forum.albiononline.com/index.php/Thread/173054
As with the previous season, to claim rewards a player must be a member of the qualifying guild for at least 75% of the season, which is automatically adjusted based on season length. Qualifying time spent with a guild is visible in the Season UI.
  • Crystal Spiders give more Season Points and have a lower Might Level threshold in the Conqueror's Challenge, and have also had their loot doubled
  • Conqueror's Challenge - Crystal Spiders:
    • Might Needed:
      • Level 1: 10000 → 3000
      • Level 2: 25000 → 7500
      • Levels 3 and up follow the same pattern
    • Season Points:
      • Level 1: 20 → 30
      • Level 2: 30 → 45
      • Levels 3 and up follow the same pattern

Crystal Arena
  • New Crystal Arena Avatar Rings have been added for those who reach a sufficient rank in the Crystal Arena. These new rings are a guaranteed drop in the chest when reaching a certain rank, are non-tradable, and can only be obtained by reaching these ranks:
    • Crystal
    • Gold I
    • Silver I
  • Crystal Arena victories now give slightly more Rank Points, to make it less likely players hit a sudden wall in the Rank Up process. (Gold IV and Crystal ranks are not affected by this.)
Travel Changes

Journey Back - Islands:
  • When traveling to any island, Journey Back will now set its destination to the city that island belongs to
  • Journey Back is now available for use on islands; teleporting to the city the island is attached to is free
    • Journey Back can also be used in this way to leave (or escape) islands belonging to other players
Fast Travel:
  • Fast Travel to a Royal City (or Portal Town) from a Rest or Outlands Hideout gives a debuff that causes loss of Home location if a Black Zone is entered
    • Fast Traveling back to the Rest or Outlands Hideout will remove this debuff, allowing entry to Black Zones freely
    • Entering a Royal City on foot (not via Fast Travel) does not apply this debuff and will not result in losing Home setting
    • This does not apply to Roads Hideouts
Other Changes and Improvements
  • In Corrupted Dungeons, Sword, Spear, and Dagger Q-slot abilities no longer stack on Watchers, Crystals, Mephits, or Hidden Treasures
  • Player reports now show the character's most recent chat messages when reported from the chat window by right-clicking on a player's name
  • Fey Artifacts have Fast Travel costs and can be salvaged for Relics
  • Improved Marketplace search function to more accurately deliver search requests
  • Guild crest is now previewed in the main Guild Creation UI
  • Pre-existing Loadouts can now be duplicated via a button on the UI if left unchanged
  • [CONTROLLER] Re-mounting is now performed via the Mount button
  • [CONTROLLER] Target Selection UI can be instantly opened with RB button
    • While open, targeting modes can be switched by RT button
Combat Balance Changes

These balance changes aim to tone down some items that are very dominant in certain content types, like Great Arcane, as well as some mobility outliers in the Mists (Royal Jacket and Claymore). New meta options are also introduced, such as a new Holy Staff passive and a new effect for Gigantify Potions, along with improvements for items that are currently underused.
Arcane Staffs
  • Time Freeze (Great Arcane Staff)
    • Hit Delay: 0.5s → 0s
    • Cast Time: 0s → 0.6s
    • Standtime: 0.6s → 0s
  • Bloody Reap (Infernal Scythe)
    • Damage above 40%: 108 → 126
  • Sweeping Bolt (Heavy Crossbow)
    • Damage: 178.13 → 192
  • Blood Ritual (Demonfang)
    • Damage: 112 → 106
Fire Staffs
  • Flame Tornado (Blazing Staff)
    • The Damage is not reflectable anymore
Holy Staffs
  • Removed the passive Aggressive Caster
  • Added new passive: Ascended
    • Activates when weapon's second-slot ability is cast
    • Makes all casts and channels uninterruptible for 1.5s
  • Oathkeepers Base Stats
    • Additional Health Factor: 200 → 150
    • Additional Ability Power Factor: 1.2 → 1.05
    • Additional Auto Attack Factor: 1.2 → 1.05
  • Spear Throw (Heron Spear)
    • Cooldown: 25s → 20s
  • Iron Will (all Swords)
    • Move speed Increase: 20% → 10%
  • Splitting Slash (all Swords)
    • Hit Delay: 0.3s → 0.2s
    • Standtime: 0.5s → 0.3s
  • Charge (Claymore)
    • Range: 13m → 11m
  • Crescent Slash (Clarent Blade)
    • Projectile Range: 18m → 21m
    • Projectile Speed: 22m/s → 28m/s
  • Spider's Thread (Duskweaver Helmet)
    • Hit Delay: 0.2s → 0s
    • Standtime: 0.5s → 0.1s
  • Purging Shield (Mage Robe)
    • Increased Resistances: 0.24 → 0.28
  • Royal Banner (Royal Jacket)
    • Cooldown Rate for the Caster: 50% → 30% (allies Cooldown Rate stays at 50%
    • Max Targets: 5 → 10
  • Mythical Web (Duskweaver Armor)
    • Cast Time: 0.6s → 0.4s
    • Other Webs Removal Radius: 20m → 16m
  • Mark of the Raven (Morgana Cape)
    • Base Cooldown: 140.3s → 120s
  • Gigantify Potion
    • Now makes caster immune to Forced Movement Effects
  • Spell fixes:
    • Boulder Toss (Hellfire Hands) audio spam has been mitigated
    • Fixed issue where Mighty Blow (Broadsword) would not hit when enemy was sprinting away from caster
    • Mythical Web (Duskweaver Armor) now only removes movement buffs
  • Display / UI fixes:
    • Fixed issue where Real Estate for sale did not display the correct claim duration in the UI
    • Fixed issue where inspecting a player while Inspect UI was already open would cause the window to close, instead of switching to the new player
    • Fixed issue where an invited player's equipment did not display during Party Invite process
    • Fixed issue where Party UI button would still display when main HUD was hidden
    • Fixed issue where characters would turn pink after certain spell combos
    • Fixed issue where guild logos could obscure decorative elements on shields
    • Fixed issue where name tags of other players would sometimes not display correctly after respawning
    • Fixed issue where Alliance emblem would not update in Guild UI after creating or disbanding Alliance
    • Faction Info can now be opened via Details button in Personal Faction Warfare Overview
    • Fixed Guild Finder issue where optional stats, Faction alliance, and New Member Mail would sometimes not persist
  • Fixed issue where option to skip full zones from character selection screen was not available
  • Fixed issue where some crafting recipes cost slightly less Focus than intended
  • Fixed issue where Crystals in Corrupted Dungeons could drop loot
  • [MOBILE] Fixed an issue where re-mounting via the custom button would summon the mount again
  • [MOBILE] Fixed issue where spells with channeled rotation targeting were not updating with controller input methods other than virtual mouse cursor
  • [MOBILE] Fixed issue where a player’s equipment and Item Power could not be displayed via the Party UI
  • [MOBILE / CONTROLLER] Fixed issue where target marker arrow would not show on targeted players
  • [CONTROLLER] Fixed issue where back button did not work in Application Requirements UI
  • Additional graphical, animation, UI, audio, terrain, and localization fixes