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Beyond the Veil Patch 1 - Ver. 21.010.1

Roads of Avalon Changes
  • Direct connections between Hideout zones redirected to raid zones
    • Increases likelihood of raid zones having two separate connections at once
  • In non-Hideout Roads zones:
    • Randomized Dungeon Maps no longer usable
    • Static Randomized Dungeons no longer appear in enchanted form
    • Increased Static Randomized Dungeon rewards
  • Resource mobs (Elemental, Dryad, Cougar, Wood Spirit) in Roads now spawn with full charges
  • Updated behavior of Avalonian mobs in Roads:
    • Decreased knockback of Avalonian Monk and damage of the standard version
    • Added immediate spell cast to Monk, Warrior, Mage
    • Decreased Warrior attack power
  • Roads of Avalon group portals returned to their 7 charge maximums
  • Unstable Roads portal in Brecilien party slots increased to 7 to match the group portals
  • Zerg bubble threshold in non-raid Roads zones increased from 6 to 8
  • As a followup to the extension of Roads Hideout Grace Periods last week, the spawn rate of Hideout Power Cores in the Roads has been increased by 70%. This is to address the number of Power Cores that currently decay due to not being connected to a Hideout zone.
Mists Changes
  • Tier 5 Mythical mobs now only spawn in lethal Mists, while Tier 4 Mythical mobs still exclusively spawn in nonlethal Mists.
  • Tier 5 Mythical mobs have had their loot tables decreased, but their spawn frequencies increased to offset this decrease. The goal of this change is to make these T5 mobs as common as possible while still guaranteeing they drop at least one artifact.
  • Further adjusted all mythical mobs to spawn +50% more frequently to account for "missed" mythical mobs that are spawned but never killed
  • The Long Hostile Dismount Cooldown in the Mists has been increased from 10s to 12s
Mount Changes
  • Made mount-up times more consistent:
    • Non-Battle Mounts now take 3s:
      • Saddled Greywolf: 2s → 3s
      • Elite Terrorbird: 2s → 3s
      • Elite Winter Bear: 2s → 3s
      • Elite Wild Boar: 2s → 3s
      • Elite Bighorn Ram: 2s → 3s
      • Elite Swamp Salamander: 2s → 3s
      • Elite Greywolf: 2s → 3s
      • Spring Cottontail: 2s → 3s
    • Battle Mounts now take 10s:
      • Siege Ballista: 15s → 10s
      • Venom Basilisk: 15s → 10s
      • Flame Basilisk: 15s → 10s
      • Elder's Command Mammoth: 25s → 10s
  • Increased Item Power of Avalonian Basilisk to 1000 to match T7 mounts:
    • HP Increase: 1239 → 1254
    • HP Regen Increase: 12.39 → 12.54
Other Changes
  • Loadouts now separated by Personal and Guild in dropdown menu
  • Season 16 furniture items placeable
  • Improved visibility of enchantment effects for .4 weapons
  • Added unrestricted PvP zones to mob camps in the Mists
  • The lingering effect of the Invisibility Shrine buff after reveal no longer provides invincibility
Combat Balance Changes

This is not a large balance patch, simply some adjustments to react to the current meta. The main goal is to tone down the biggest mobility outliers and have a few adjustments and buffs for currently underused abilities.

  • Razor Cut (Bear Paws)
    • Range: 12m → 10m
    • Energy Cost: 20 → 16
  • Frost Shot (all Bows)
    • Cooldown: 15s → 18s
  • Ray of Light (all Bows)
    • Cooldown: 14s → 12s
    • Hit Delay: 0.8s → 0.6s
    • Standtime: 0.4s → 0.3s
  • Caltrops (all Crossbows)
    • Move Speed Increase: 20% → 30%
    • Move Speed Duration: 2s → 3s
    • Slow Strength: 40% → 30%
  • Lunging Stabs (Bloodletter)
    • Hitting player below 40% Health no longer increases cooldown rate
    • Instead, hitting player below 40% reduces ability cooldown by 40% (other slot cooldowns no longer affected)
War Gloves
  • Triple Kick (all War Gloves)
    • Cooldown: 15s → 18s
  • Falcon Smash (Battle Bracers)
    • Range: 15m → 13m
  • Bloodlust (Mercenary Jacket)
    • Heal per Tick: 42 → 54
    • Number of Ticks: 9 → 7
  • Force Field (all Cloth Helmets)
    • Knockback Distance: 12m → 9m
  • Poison (Mage Cowl)
    • First Damage Tick: 1s → 0s
    • Total Ticks: 5 → 3
    • Damage per Tick: 39.93 → 60
  • Retaliate (Hunter Hood)
    • Reflected Damage: 70% → 100%
  • Spell fixes:
    • Mistcloud (Mistwalker Jacket) conceals Celestial Censer and Torch
    • Fixed issue where Spider Thread (Duskweaver Helmet) stat block disappeared during multispell
    • Fixed issue where mount-up could be interrupted by casts that deal no damage but slow, silence, or root
    • Fixed issue where Purge (Fiend Cowl) did not purge Hyperfocus
    • Fixed issue where Mythical Web (Duskweaver Armor) falsely purged Iron Will
    • Fixed issue where Hyper Focus (Feyscale Hat) prevented Armor Piercer (Cursed Staffs) from hitting player
    • Fixed issue where Wild Magic’s Storm Shield (Feyscale Robe) could chain trigger with Requite
  • Crafting Fey Armor now fills Laborer Journals as intended
  • Fixed issue where opening Guild Details UI closed world map
  • Fixed issue where travel to Guild Island with same name as character was not possible via Travel Planner or Island Merchant
  • Fixed issue where offline timers of Guild Members displayed incorrectly
  • Fixed issue where players could not travel to Guild Island set as Home with equipment
  • Fixed issue where players under Outland city shrine buff could receive Outlaw status
  • Invincibility effect of Outland shrine buff now breaks with additional world interactions
  • Fixed issue where enchantment would display incorrectly after killing hide mobs
  • Fixed issue where unlocalized enemy names would sometimes display during targeting
  • Fixed issue where players could join guilds via autojoin even during cooldown
  • Fixed issue where Faction Transport mission invisibility buff indicator remained even after buff expired
  • Fixed issue where players dismounting from battle mounts could become stuck in Power Cores and Pristine resources
  • Fixed several display issues when traveling via Travel Planner or Outland portals
  • Fixed rare issue where Weakened Wisp Sanctuary Portals were not visible
  • Fixed names of T4 Resource Mobs in Roads of Avalon
  • [Virtual Joystick / Controller] Fixed issue where some neutrally targeted spells would look for a new closer target when a friendly target was selected
  • Additional localization, UI, terrain and animation fixes