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Hello Adventurers,

Last week, we reported that as a result of technical measures and increased staff, speed-hacking reports have significantly declined, and therefore we have been focusing more of our resources on eliminating accounts that have gained unfair advantages in other ways, e.g. botting.

Cheaters, of course, are nothing new, and prior to our announcement on speed-hacking and spending more resources on these issues, we were not idle on this matter either. Which is why we can happily report that all-in-all, since the launch of Albion East on March 20, we’ve banned approximately 38,800 accounts that have engaged in illicit behavior - for instance botting, speed-hacking, RMTing, scripting, macroing, or similar - or have benefited from this behavior.

Our technical measures against speed-hackers seem to be holding, as we continue to see a much lower number of reports than previously. This means that we can and will continue to focus on people using bots or other types of automation.

As always, we will continue to keep a watchful eye on those gaining unfair advantages in Albion Online, and we ask that you, too, continue to report them. Instructions on how to do so can be found at the end of this post.


How to report players in-game (this also works in the Mists. You will see them as Mysterious Stranger, but we will have access to further information):

  1. Click on the player’s icon.
  2. Choose ‘Report’ from the drop down menu.
  3. Type the reason for reporting.

How to report players to support with video attachments:

  1. Write an email to support@albiononline.com
  2. Attach the video to the email, or upload the video to a free hosting service like YouTube, and set it to ‘Unlisted, anyone with the video link can watch your video.’
  3. Send a link to your video in the support email, along with:
    1. Your character name
    2. Approximate time and date in UTC (Server Time)
    3. Which server you were on
    4. A link to your death on the Killboard (if you died) or the name of the person who attacked you

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