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Beyond the Veil Hotfix 3

Mists Reward Increases

  • Increased the number of enchanted Wisps in the Mists by ~100%
  • Mythical creatures now spawn in all enchanted Mists regions instead of only higher-tier enchanted Mists regions, increasing their availability by +440% overall
  • Mists Mob Camps:
    • Doubled requirements and rewards of mob camp objectives in the Mists
    • Doubled the spawn rate of mobs in mob camps (average of 180s → 90s)
    • Mob camps in Lethal Mists now award Might and Favor
  • Smaller versions of Crystal Spiders, “Arcane Spiderlings,” will now spawn within the Mists
    • These mobs are marked on the map and award Might, Favor, and loot like the larger versions
    • These mobs do not award credit toward Guild Might Levels for “Crystal Spiders”
Mists Mount Changes
  • If a player dismounts in the Solo Mists near other players that are in PvP combat or have recently been in PvP combat, they will receive a 10s ability cooldown rather than a 5s ability cooldown. Details:
    • If you dismount next to a hostile player that attacked or has been attacked by another player in the last 20s, you get the long Hostile Dismount Cooldown
    • When this occurs a larger, brighter exclamation point will be visible to help communicate the longer cooldown
    • This occurs in the Solo Mists only, and does not affect duo/Greater Mists
  • Mount Health Cap in Solo Mists: 1200 → 900 (Mount Health Cap in duo/Greater Mists is unchanged)
Roads of Avalon Changes
  • The protection radius of mob camp Treasures in the Roads of Avalon has been increased so that more mobs must be defeated before the chest unlocks
  • Increased the spawn frequency of Hideout Power Cores in the Roads of Avalon by 15%
  • Increased the decay time of Hideout Power Cores and Territory Energy Crystals from 15 minutes to 30 minutes (this change is global)
Other Changes
  • “Unstable Roads” are now guaranteed to spawn in all enchanted Mists to offer more opportunities for players to find their way back to the Royal Continent from Brecilien
  • Fixed an issue where Stone Block recipes that return 8 Stone Blocks used enchantment level 2 Stone instead of enchantment level 3 Stone

Known Issue: Name text for Arcane Spiderlings and three entries in the “Personal Season Stats” of the Conqueror’s Challenge are missing and will be added in a patch in the near future

Note for iOS users: as a client-side hotfix is not currently available for iOS, some changes may not be available to iOS users until the launch of Patch 1. The older version of the game will remain compatible.