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The Lands Awakened update releases tomorrow, November 24, and you can watch it streamed live! Check out the following channels during the day to see the cool new features in action:

Streamer Name Estimated Starting Time Language
stenystream 14:00 UTC English, Russian, Korean
Equart 14:00 UTC English, Russian, Ukrainian
ninushk 20:00 UTC English, German
NauskTV 11:00 UTC English, Finnish
Hyrstt 20:00 UTC English, Polish
KidzPk 11:00 UTC English
Mogdone 13:45 UTC English
Youey November 25, 03:00 UTC English
Blackboa 10:30 UTC English
Nazori 17:00 UTC English
Greeetaku 19:00 UTC English
Rusty 20:00 UTC English
Nomadponcho 18:00 UTC English
t666ommy November 25, 04:00 UTC English
ArreatRegaro 13:00 UTC Russian, Ukrainian
Darksid3 13:45 UTC Russian
KDA 16:00 UTC Russian
DirTeaMug November 24, 25, 26, 15:00-21:00 UTC Russian
Bradinsky 13:00 UTC Spanish

For a rundown of all the new features coming with the Lands Awakened update, check out the update page.