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Beyond the Veil Patch 2 is live! This patch brings extensive improvements and fixes to the Mists and the Roads of Avalon, changes to Fast Travel and the Journey Back ability, combat balance adjustments, and some changes ahead of Guild Season 18. Click here for the full patchnotes, or read a short summary below:

The Mists

Patch 2 brings a host of developments to the Mists, for example:
  • Player anonymity, where players will have their identity concealed in the Mists and Greater Mists to those not in their party
  • Enchanted Mists are more likely to lead to a higher tier Mists zone
  • Loot and silver bonuses match those in the Open World
  • Player Deaths no longer appear on the map in Lethal Mists
  • …and much more
Roads of Avalon

This patch continues the Roads of Avalon rework begun with the Beyond the Veil update, with changes and fixes including:

  • Roaming mobs in the Roads respawn more quickly
  • Increased number of Raid level chests
  • Static Randomized Dungeons in the Roads have their old bonuses back
  • Raid zones incoming portals have been doubled from 2 to 4, increasing the chances of guild combat in these regions
  • … and more

Guild Season Changes

With Season 18 beginning on Saturday, December 17, this patch introduces some relevant changes. Crystal Spiders give more Season Points, have a lower Might level threshold, and have had their loot doubled - making them much more significant objectives. New, non-tradable Crystal Arena Avatar Rings have been introduced for Silver I, Gold I, and Crystal ranks. And in Conquerors’ Hall, the Season 16 winner statue is now visible, along with the logos of the second and third-placed runners up.

Other Changes
  • Journey Back can now be used from guild and player islands to travel for free to the city they are attached to, allowing players to leave (or escape) these islands easily
  • Entering the black zone from a Royal City or Portal Town after using Fast Travel now gives a loss-of-home debuff, discouraging easy travel between from the deep Outlands to those zones nearer the Portal Towns
  • Guild crests are now previewed in the Guild Creation UI
  • Extensive combat balance changes
  • …and much more
Read the full patchnotes here: albiononline.com/changelog/beyond-the-veil-patch-2