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16 Apr

15 Apr

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We've recently updated yesterday - are you on Version 2021.4.14?

13 Apr

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Update: if you're running into this issue, we pushed out a maybe-fix in the public beta branch. (Library > Right click Among Us > Properties > Betas > Select "public-beta".) Try it out and whether it works or doesn't, would still love to see your player log! Thanks for the patience. :)
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Gotcha, thanks everyone, sorry aobut the issues!

Can you send us your player logs?
1. Boot up the game, try to log into the account, then try to log into guest mode. (This should fail.) Don't quit the game, just leave it as is!
2. Send your Player Log. To find the right file, put "%appdata%\..\LocalLow\Innersloth\Among Us" (no quotes) in an explorer browser and find the file Player.log or Player
3. Email that file to support(at), subject line: "SteamworksAuthFail"

We'll get to figuring it out!
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Hm, weird! Can you test if this helps? We'll look into it!

1) make sure you're signed into steam
2) reboot game
3) reboot steam
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: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page [url=]here[/url].
Hello Crewmates!

Here are some hot fixes for the latest version of Among Us.

Fixes for version 2021.4.12
  • Account login flow significantly reworked
  • Multiple users can now log in to the same device (no more MismatchedProductUserIDs error)
  • Missing skins from Airship Bundle should be fixed
  • Text graphical update
  • Updated translations
  • Setting an invalid birthdate no longer makes account initialization fail
  • Sabotage menu no longer replaces minimap for Impostors
  • Room names are now consistently layered on the map
  • Develop Photos task does not finish instantly
  • Comms sabotage can no longer be repaired by ghosts, Impostors can now repair
  • Other various bug fixes
Thanks for playing as always!

Victoria and the Innersloth Team
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