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Hey folks, We are eager for the arrival of next Anno, and I’m just wondering…

My computer runs Anno 1800 just fine. It lags a little when I’m in the late game phases, but usually nothing really problematic.

How do you think I should prepare for the next generation of Anno? Any tips on how I could set up my computer (example: ideal video boards, processors, RAM, etc)?

In November we have Black Friday deals and it would be awesome to have a sense of which components I could buy to have an amazing experience in the game that is about to be released.

Thank you so much in advance!

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Originally posted by omginput

Given they release already next year my guess is they use the same engine from 2205 and 1800

We're using the same engine since 2006, technically. Or at least the foundation - it has seen massive improvements, changes and additions over the years, and in between every title a lot of work is done on the engine/our tools to make it future-proof.

Self-promotion, I suppose, but we did write a blog post about that in 2021, if anyone wants to read more: https://www.anno-union.com/devblog-the-anno-engine/

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Too early to say anything from our side. Of course, with all DLC regions, Anno 1800 has a significantly higher impact on performance than with just the two starting regions. So, some light performance problems in late game Anno 1800 with 5 regions will likely not translate into big performance issues for Anno 117: Pax Romana.

But of course we're pushing things further on a graphical level as well, for Anno 117, compared to 1800.

For smoother performance, CPU and RAM have slightly higher importance than your GPU, so, if e.g. your CPU is your oldest/weakest component right now, that might become a bottleneck in the future.