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Could you please add to menu of sending ships to another region the option to choose island from the region I am currently in? It would be much easier to send ships to different island without moving around the map and clicking right near each island.

For instance I have islands A, B and C in the Old World. I choose a ship and click send to region (you could rename it to be more accurate after a change) and choose an island A from the list which is in the same world I am currently in. I wouldn't have to move my camera to search for this island and click right near it.

Thanks for your help!

18 days ago - Ubi-Thorlof - Direct link

Thank you for your feedback on this.

Certainly something we can look into, however, I think for orders in the same session, simply using the minimap to give these orders would be faster (and require less clicks) than going through an additional menu.