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They're gonna try to sell us a "Anno 2070 Historical Edition" within the year probably.


04 Jul


Hey HarryBotterly,
there are right now no plans to integrate FSR 2.0 support for Anno 1800 due to technical constraints.

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Hey TimelessLady,

I'm afraid the error is related to your laptop not fulfilling the minimum requirements of Anno 1800. The Geforce MX330 is a potent laptop graphics card, but not suited for more demanding video games. We can't guarantee the game will run on such hardware. Your described errors (DirectX and Direct3D device)
You can try checking if newer graphics card drivers are available for your card, as well as lowering the ingame graphics settings and see if this helps.
We usually also recommend to install and run games from internal hard drives since the data processing speed is faster than when using an external drive via USB.


Hey ysbrad81, thank you for your question!
We are indeed looking into this topic for later this year. While I can't promise it yet, there is a chance the tooltip delay option might make a comeback for Anno 1800.


Hey there!

On the scale topic: You may notice a few things like that in the game. That's usually not an oversight, though, but intended: We have to make sure that everything is well-visible from your standard "eagle- view". That sometimes means changing the scale of objects, but also creating very distinctively different looking buildings - if we wanted to be authentic here, many of the factories would look the same and probably had roofs over everything.

You have a good point on the type of feedback units, though. It might be that we left out a generation, visually.
However, at this point we're not really planning to add more feedback units to the game except when they're needed for a new feature, for example. It's a good suggestion for the future, though, to diversify the pool of feedback units.

01 Jul


Just to maybe clarify things a bit (more on this topic next week) to address some of the comments we've seen here and elsewhere

We're still aiming for the best case scenario: An updated version of Anno 2070 running as before with its online features and the multiplayer.

Updating and replacing 2070's old services, however, is... effort, both cause of the game's age as well as the fact that there quite a few features tied to the rather aged online services.

Nevertheless, we are cautiously optimistic and will have more updates in the next weeks and months

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Hey there, if you're having with a purchased item from the Ubisoft Store, please get in touch with Customer Support. They'll be able to have a closer look at your problem 🙂

//moving thread to "player support"

29 Jun


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Are you saying that you're working on a engine that's already over 3 years old?

I wrote what I did, because I was certain that this was the reasonable course of action. In the next Anno will use the same engine as 1800 it'll be old on the day of its release.

Anno 1800 is already, with all of its expansions, running on the very edge of stability. I can't imagine the maps growing any larger or new mechanics being implemented, if the engine remains the same.

Edit: I had bought the last Anno games and all of season passes in the pre-sale, but with the new information I guess I'll postpone the purchase of the next installment for a while. Just to stay on the safe side.

I think the main issue here is what you define as "engine". Generally speaking we're using the "same engine" since 1701, our self-developed "Anno engine".

However, an engine is made up of a lot of different parts, and each individual part received vast upgrades over the last years. We added a lot of features and tools, replaced parts etc. That should be pretty noticeable by looking at the games themselves. Some of them happened also during Anno's development (e.g. adding FSR support) but most can't be added during the live phase.

So, of course plenty of updates and upgrades have been done and are still being done to, for example, address some of the problems or restrictions we noticed during Anno 1800's development and postlaunch.

You're of course free to decide, but that's like saying "I won't buy Anno 1800 cause it uses the same engine as Anno 2070".

We have a blog on the whole topic from last year, actually:

Read more

28 Jun


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A new engine? That's very exciting! When did they announce that?

We did not say anything like this

18 Jun


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there could never be a ww1-cold war anno, because the checksum of 9 isn't possible in this century😉

While the checksum wouldn't stop us from doing an Anno game in a certain period, we don't really think that the setting of WW1 or similar would work for our brand.

13 Jun


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It's possible that airplanes are coming with the Empire of the Skies DLC late summer, but no specific information has been released besides the fact that there will be some type of aerial combat.

Then let me release this specific part of information: "Empire of the Skies" will only include airships, no planes ;)

05 Jun


While cathedrals were and are still monuments in European/Old World cities, the focus of Anno 1800 is on the 19th century, the industrialization and innovation. In this context, for narrative reasons, it would have not made a lot of sense to let our players construct a cathedral.

Instead, the monuments therefore focus on the above-mentioned aspects represented by the World's Fair and (via DLC) the Iron Tower, the Research Institute etc.

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Hey all, we found the cause of the issue for anyone playing the Steam version of the game.
The fix is currently being tested and will be deployed together with Cosmetic DLC 8 at the end of June.

So, good news on this front, but we will have to ask for a little bit more patience. Apologies for the current inconveniences.


Hey guys, we're aware of the memory leak that affects players on Steam.

We'll have a fix for the issue coming later this month. So, sorry for the current inconveniences but we will have to ask for a little bit more patience.

02 Jun


You had unreasonably high hopes regarding Willie's abilities from the start, to be honest

24 May


No tagging in bug reports, thank you, bye.

Sad the story came to an early end.
Gotta be honest, though, changes to the AI are not super likely at this point except if things are completely broken.

23 May


Originally posted by ChMalfet

I believe this is normal. The same is true for other tree-related ornaments - you can randomly get a tree, or grass or bush every time the game starts, but it does not mean it's not a bug :P

This is correct


Challenges are indeed "gone" since the switch from Uplay to Ubisoft Connect.

Achievements, however, are still very much a thing and we're adding new ones with each new DLC (related to said DLC).

20 May

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Thanks a lot, have forwarded all info + your saves for investigation 🙂