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I've played 1800 Vanilla back when it came out and want to come back to playing it and maybe add some or all dlc's. What can you guys recommend me? Should I buy just some of them, if so which or just buy both season passes? I am a bit confused with so much dlcs ^^

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If you already own the vanilla game, the best way to get all the gameplay content are the two Season Passes, which include all the major DLCs. There is not "Complete DLC without the vanilla game" SKU, so you can freely pick and choose what is most interesting to you.

As an almost unbiased party, I think they are all great! But "Land of Lions" (included in Season 2 Pass) will the standout DLC...

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Originally posted by Pinewood29

And is it going to be de last dlc? :P

It is not!

(we already announced the "City Lights Pack" Cosmetic DLC for later this year)

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Originally posted by HealthyAmphibian

In fact why dont you buy two copies for double the fun! -/u/TotallyNotaUbisoftEmployee

See, that’s the beauty of working on great games- you can shamelessly promote them without feeling bad about it ❤️