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So, the "secret" hiking trail across the mountains of Crown Falls...

Reaching the highest peak opens a window with a secret message to whoever finds this spot. However, this is obviously a browser windows, since the message is blocked by a cookie banner. The window won't allow me to click anything in it to close the banner, all I can do is select the text in the banner. It's quite annoying. Accepting the cookie banner in my installed browsers outside of the game did not help.

How can I:

  • A: accept the cookie banner in game, so it doesn't appear and block the message I was meant to receive, or
  • B: open the website containing the message in a browser directly? It's obviously hosted on the Anno Union, but a search for a direct link did not turn up anything.
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2 months ago - /u/Ubi-Thorlof - Direct link

Sorry for that, and I'm not sure we can do something about this anymore now, but here's the Anno Union page in question in case you haven't found it: