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I totally understand why gameplay DLC in 1800 required everone to own all DLC as a business decision and have no problem with it whatsoever.

Issue is because of the way DLC were coded it prevented you from enabling them all together if not everyone owned them, which meant their respective comsetics were also disabled.

If DLC are already in the plans, please allow us to use their cosmetics in multiplayer, it was a great joy to get people into the game even without any add-ons but the lock always was a bummer.

TL:DR; Please untie the cosmetic part of gameplay add-ons for multiplayer. 🙏

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If you have no problem with the decision of paywalling so much major content of a 60€ AAA title behind dlcs then you are part of the reason why the industry as a whole gets away with it, you absolutely should have a problem with it.

Just look at the basegame without any dlcs, its boring, its exactly the reason why i will pick 1404 over 1800 every time, that game was actually complete at release and is imho still the best game in the series, closely followed by 2070

With all due respect, you can't possibly be arguing that the gameplay content we created over 4 years of postlaunch is somehow something that should've been in the basegame.

The DLC content built on top of what was included in the basegame and by quantity did not diverge from e.g. 1404.