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How much memory game can use says very little about how much memory game needs.

Very much this. If you have available RAM, Anno gladly uses it to load objects, textures etc. faster since it can keep them in the RAM. If you don't, loading things might take longer, e.g. when switching from one region to another.

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But isn't that just what everyone is just saying?. Anno 1800 profits from 32GB RAM, as in it will utilize more than 16GB if they are there and it will result in certain benefits, be it better 0.1% lows in framerate or loading times.

I dont think anyone is arguing that you cant run the game on 16GB. Because that would be a pretty false statement.

I've seen some comments occasionally suggesting that you need more than 16GB to play, and OP was asking if 16GB are sufficient, so, I felt this little clarification wouldn't hurt. I didn't mean to imply that I commented to counter a common misconception or anything.