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Hello there!

You read that right, it's time for another update post on New Horizons! June's Gameplay footage posted on YT really hit like a meteor and I wanna thank you for all of the continued interest and appreciation.

As it's already November, and I am excited to share what me and the team have been working on this year.

First, the usual disclaimer: Due to this being a free-time project, I cannot give any ETA. You might be able to judge the state of completeness from the images, but keep in mind that finished stuff is shown preferrably.

If you don't hear anything about the project for some time, it won't mean that it's dead. It just means that I haven't posted about it for some time.

Be aware that everything you see in this post resembles the current state of development, is work in progress and may or may not change.


In Asia, regular Monsoons will prevent your farms from harvesting any crops. This works similar to the Seasons of Silver mechanic, although there will only be two types of seasons: Monsoon and Dry Season. Note: Since we are talking about very complex continuous games, the season mechanic needs to be predictable and calculatable.

Farms are just closed off during the monsoon Season.

To manage the Seasons, you will need to overproduce crops during the dry season to get through the monsoons.

At this point, I wanna thank everyone who participated in the discussion on this topic on the modding discord.

The City Overhaul - Magnates and the High Life

You might have spotted the Magnate Tier in previous footage about the project. Just to recall, here is an old screenshot:

Development Build from September 2020.

As you see, they are just Investor Residences with black roofs and a floor added on top, Desperately needing a rework. So, we got the master of Residence Skins u/mrkoekie on the team to solve the Magnate Housing crisis, and solve it he did.

Hello. For those who do not know me, I am Ricky (MrKoekie). I created some skin mods for Anno 1800.

Some ideas of reallife buildings, and how Magnates could possibly be look like were already discussed in the team, but they had nothing set in stone yet. The real challenge was how to make a new skycraper tier that looks different from the already majestic investor tier.

Taub already had a beautiful model created as inspiration, but eventually I decided to go with something else, it can be hard to copy someone elses style.After some consideration, the skyline tower textures and style felt like the perfect fit. I started to chunk down the building into pieces and use that to create the buildings. I had no real plan in mind, but my brain gives me inpsiration surges and I just " do something" , really.

And this is how it turned out. The roofing and "penthouse" parts were the most difficult. Here are some pictures of tiny details I still enjoy to look at. I hope you like it so far!

Magnates with Floors

The base Magnat Residence without a roof.


And while Ricky was creating those beautiful residences, I taught the Magnate Tier how to live the High Life.

They profit from the same High Life goods, distributed across 4 tiers of skyscrapers. Shopping Malls got added Bonuses for Magnate needs.

A Level 2 Magnate Skyscraper

The new Endgame Cities

The only gripe here is that needs are scrollable and don't get a fifth and sixth row like Investors. So if anyone from Anno's UI department is reading this, I'd be very happy if that got fixed :)

The City Overhaul - Gongren

The Gongren went through an even worse housing crisis. Cities lacked detail, the much-needed Wuselfaktor and urbanization*.* As Residences and Cities are such an important part to Anno, I decided to go all-in and invest significant effort into a complete redesign of the Asian Level 2 Cities.

And as a result, the Asian Level 2 cities went from this...

Development Build from January 2023

... to this:

Latest Development Build (November 2023)

None of this would have been possible without the extensive research and compilation of resources done by the wonderful u/jje10001 for this purpose. (Which he btw also did for the Magnates)

Here are two images he compiled for the Asian City Overhaul:

A set for the chinese movie \"The Legend of the Demon Cat\".


My task was to then take, adapt and mix elements from dozens of images just concerning the cities, and turn them into actual 3D models.

One of the new residence models, which combines elements from the screenshots above.

Closing Words

I'd like to close this post with two screenshots showcasing another feature that has been enabled by the residence rework. Asia get's its very own festivals, and here are two of them.

Lantern Festival

Lunar Celebration

If you want more frequent updates, I can recommend to join the Anno 1800 Modcorner discord and watch the #in-progress-mods channel. In addition to all the awesome mods that get posted there, you can also find the occasional New Horizons screenshot.

Here you can find all previous posts:

Thank you for reading!

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Crazy impressive on all levels - big fan of the seasonal gameplay element, very curious how that feels when playing.