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So i got the amusement dlc and am now just realizing or so i think, that it does not add to the happiness of the population on the island. Am i wrong about this? I feel like if i add amusement amenities than the happiness would rise. Lord knows i get happy af when i go to an amusement park. I would say id find out by adding it myself and seeing what it does but im currently struggling to keep my island income in the +. Any info would be great. Thanks in advance!

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You are right that it would make sense for your citizen's happiness to be increased by having a nearby amusement park (well, for the ones that like them, at least!). However, we made a conscious decision with the Cosmetic DLCs to be purely, well, cosmetic, and not to have any gameplay effects that you could not get otherwise.

That's what differentiates them from the gameplay-relevant content of the Season Pass DLCs, and so far we think this split is working well, and giving our players the most freedom to pick and chose what content is exciting to them.