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I'm sure you've heard the news. Ubisoft exec said customers need to get used to not owning games. If this comment about removing off steam is true, than it fits into that plan. I bought anno on uplay anyways. I don't care what platform it's on as long as it's not locked behind a monthly subscription.

There are absolutely no plans to remove Anno 1800 from Steam.

And regarding the subscription topic: This comment was solely related to subscription models (Ubisoft+ specifically, Ubisoft's subscription service) and has absolutely nothing to do with games that were purchased "normally".

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Originally posted by Purp1eC0bras

Its true. I love my PS5 but Steam/PC is needed for certain games. Anno is amazeballs on Steam. I thought I read that its coming off Steam in the near future so you better download what you need now

No idea where you read that, but there are no such plans. We (and other Ubisoft games) only returned to Steam in late 2022.