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Steps to reproduce:

1. Boot the game
2. Load saved game
3. Construct Battle Ship, name of the ship Earl of Sandwich
4. Apply item called Singh's Steel Double-Hull on Battle Ship

Observe that Battle Ship has 6000 health points instead of 9000 health points.

Repro rate: 5/5

Reapply the same item and Battle Ship will have 9000 health points.
about 2 months ago - Ubi-Thorlof - Direct link
Hah, are you working in QA by any chance? ^^

Thank you for reporting this, however, this was not reproducible for us in two separate savegames, the health points always immediately increased by 50% when the item was applied to the ship's item slot.
Would you be able to provide a video?

Of course, if anyone else encountered this issue, please let us know.