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Let’s hope they will interconnect the DLCs this time. They have previously stated that no DLC will require another one to play.

But just providing goods from the old world to your tourists is kinda boring IMO.

There is some possible interconnection between the DLC planned, but always optional.

We only gave you a quick overview for "Tourist Season" and "The High Life" yesterday and will go more into detail in the coming months.

Be assured: places like the restaurant are not "just" a public building like the pub, for example.

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Originally posted by Prof_Koehler

Hey Thorlof,

thanks for the reply. As always I am happy to see you guys actively reading the sub and answering questions.

Will the DLC just interconnect with DLCs from Season 3 or will there be connections to LoL and Arctic?

The plan is to provide more interconnectivity with all other regions with all three DLC of Season 3. Not as a requirement but as an option for you to choose (e.g. very simplified: do I use product A from the Old World to satisfy the need, product B from the New World or rather product C from Enbesa, something along these lines).