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I was planning to watch the stream but work took over and I had to finalize a document instead.

Has any youtuber, online game magazine, others, made content explaining the next DLC?

Also, when is DLC1 being released?


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We're going to release a detailed DevBlog on the Anno Union next week explaining the Docklands DLC in detail :)

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Originally posted by litel_nuget

Hey Thorlof, I'm sure you've seen the amount of posts asking for new ships. Please reconsider adding a couple more ship types in the future. Docklands would be a wonderful theme for them. You'd do a great community service. Doesn't have to be end-game necessarily. More variety is always better. Keep up the great work on the game. It really is a wonderful thing.

We did, yes. While Docklands (releasing in 2 weeks) is too close to quickly rush out 3 more ships, as you might imagine, we'll be looking at the topic once more and see if we can add additional ships later on.

As with so many things in game development, it's a matter of available time and resources - and prioritizing where to put those resources. If our devs are working on additional ships, another feature or addition might not make it into the game, for example.