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Dear Support Team,
It is the second time I have experienced this. After an expedition comes back successfully, I am not able to locate anywhere the 3 items obtained as reward. Even if I select items form all islands, these are nowhere to be found. Moreover, by selecting those not yet discovered, they appear as if I never got them in the first place.
The first time it has happened with a 3* rescue expedition launched from Old World, the second time with a 2* zoological expedition launched from Cape Trelawney.
I play on a PC with DirectX 11.
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Hey SpaceBullett,

Thanks for reaching out and bringing this to our attention.

It does not look like this issue has been brought up before, therefore before we can proceed any further, I would like you to provide us with a little bit more information:

1. You've stated that this is the second time you've experiencing this - I take it that obviously issue does not occur each and every time however have you managed to possibly identify anything in particular that may trigger this to occur?
2. Do you think you could possibly provide us with video footage of this? If not, could you provide us with screenshots and reproduction steps for the issue?

Let us know and we will take it from there!

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