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I have had a bit of an idea for a final/ conclusional dlc for Anno 1800 modeled on the First World War (an event which is considered as the end of the Industrial Revolution in Europe.)


In this DLC you could gain access to land units such as Imperial Infantry and Howitzers and land fortifications like trenches, barracks and fortresses (assembled in a similar way to wonders like the Great Exhibition.) In addition to gaining options to research more powerful land and sea vessels such as the dreadnought, submarine, landship (tank), maxim gun and biplane.


In this DLC you will have to complete a campaign on a single, continental landmass which is divided into 'regions' and split between your allies; a rough allegory for the French Third Republic, and the campaign's principle antagonists; a hostile military Junta modeled on the German Empire/ Austria-Hungary. Since you will be arriving by sea and the river network will not allow for large, ocean going vessels to transport men and resources in land, you will be forced to move things between region by 'troop train' on your ally's existing railway network before moving them to warehouses on the front by either road or your own railways.

The enemies have pushed your allies almost as far as their own capital and are threatening to cut the railway lines to the coast, your first priority is to set up a port and ship in as much men and material as possible to establish a beachhead and secure the gaps in the front line, repelling a few probing advances by the enemy and forcing them into a stalemate. After that you have a choice, do you ship in enough materials to build up your ally's population and rely on them to do most of the heavy lifting? But at the cost of it being materially expensive, slow and harder to do so as it also gives the enemy a lot of time to dig themselves in. Or, do you attempt to use your own people to push the enemy back and stomach the hit to production, poor press and instability as your own people fight another man's war.

The win condition could be something like recapturing all of your ally's territory, successfully blockading or forcing the enemy's population to riot and overthrow the regime or simply taking their core region. The loosing condition is obviously letting the enemy take the coast because you were unable to provide an effective deterrent to their army either due to neglect on your part or because your people rioted and the production network broke down.

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That is not gonna happen. Not only is the described scope far beyond that of one of our DLCs, but World War 1 is also thematically unfitting for Anno. The series always strives for having an upbeat and positive tone, and to paint a warm and welcoming world. That is completely at odds with one of the biggest tragedies in human history.

This is no slight against war games, of course; Ubisoft does many games with far grimmer worlds than Anno, and I enjoy playing many war games myself. But it does not fit into the world of Anno.