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Anyone here following devs' blogs and socmedia posts? Any hints of a possible brand new Anno game?

As much as I love 1800 I wouldn't want to see this IP end with yearly cosmetic DLC packages for 1800 and no brand new games. Afaik 1800 was announced two years after 2205 came out. It's been two and half years now since the launch of 1800 (damn, time flies) so hopefully a new announcement soon?

What would be your favourite new setting? My secret dream is a fantasy Anno.

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Depending on which online claims and community theories you want to believe, there were probably anywhere between 0 and 1.305 hints at a future Anno.

While we are thinking about the future of the brand, our focus right now is on delivering the content planned for the remainder of 2021, as shown last week during gamescom.