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When is realm of the skies going to release?

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Hey, the DLC as well as Game Update 15 will release today at 3 PM UTC+2 on Ubisoft Connect/Epic and 7 PM UTC+2 on Steam

See also: https://anno-union.com/updates/anno-1800-game-update-15/

Originally posted by Mirodas

Why do people who trusted Ubisoft and pre ordered Anno 1800 on steam get punished by having to wait longer?

This has nothing to do with punishing: Steam has its own release schedule for DLC and games to which we of course also have to stick, that is 7PM CEST.

On our own platform we can set the release time differently, and a 3PM release works not only better for us (it's still during our working hours) but also means a more convenient time for our players in certain time zones.