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Hi r/anno, welcome to our Weekly Questions thread!

This is a place for you to ask questions and seek advice from other players. Additionally, if you'd like to share your knowledge and give tips to your fellow players, go ahead!

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I got a question, actually:

We said "no gameplay", as you know, but what's everyone's stance on some insights into animation - on top of the topics we already said we'd cover this year? Of course we'll have feedback units in Anno 117 (i.e. all the people walking in the streets) but also animals to populate the world (incl. oxen like Lola, from the reveal trailer).

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Originally posted by Tulpen20

Animation as in Cut-scenes? or animated objects like Nate's windmill or flags flapping?

More related to the two things I mentioned: feedback units and animals. We might be able to look at animated objects as well, but it wouldn't be the focus.