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Anyone already speculated about the Pax Romana Soundtrack?
It might just sound similar to this playlist: Roman Music by Farya Faraji

What are your thoughts?

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23 days ago - /u/Ubi-Thorlof - Direct link

We're still very early in the music production for Anno 117, but if this is a topic of high interest, we can definitely dive deeper into this with our Audio Director at a later date when we made more progress.

We have some first tracks to get a feel for it and will use these moving forward for e.g. our livestream intro/outro (goodbye to the Anno 1800 elevator soundtrack) or other types of Anno 117 videos.

There's a balance to be struck between delivering the fantasy of the respective region with specific sounds and yet still having a nice soundtrack, which - as taubenangriff pointed out - would likely be hard on our ears if it eclusively used authentic instruments and what little we know about their music styles.