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There is nothing new or interesting about these vote options. basically, the old town pack is a mod steal, there is more than 1 old town pack up on nexus already that does exactly these things. Like old resident houses, buildings from other anno games, castles, old markets, ornaments, you name it, I doubt the devs can match the amount of content in these mod packs which makes this vote a bad choice for anyone.

Nature pack we got enough of and mods which adds hundreds more, wouldn’t surprise me if eldritch pack is already in the game files or on nexus too

There was more and better options last year, a few of which was really needed to increase the lifespan of the game such as Big Top Pack which is a circus pack, whole new concept for the game and was much needed, why push eldritch pack again and not others that wasn’t released? There is only 3 packs this year, can for sure fit in more as we had 5 last year. All or nothing. New concept packs like Big Top need to return, It never had a fair placement competing against even bigger new concept dlc’s, that was included in the game at a later date anyways but Big Top Pack is not in game yet, now not even in the voting anymore, it should have been in game already. This year there is no new concept dlc option, why not put it there or just release such a unique pack when the others were included in the game with other big dlc’s from seasons anyways? Like example, Seeds of Change and New World Rising is basically the New World Pack in disguise.

We want original unique content. But the voting should simply be in which order to release the dlc’s, not which ones to exclude.

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The Circus/Big Top Pack has been part of both previous votes and both times ended up in last place. So, adding it a third time after our community clearly told us they're not that interested in the topic wouldn't have made a lot of sense.

The Eldritch Pack has been part of one previous vote and did reasonably well, so including this option again made sense. Since we're adding New World ornaments with each of this year's main DLC (as we have done with all previous major DLC, each always contained some additional ornaments), this option also was not included in this year's voting.

There are some great mods out there that give you the option to place assets from e.g. Anno 1404 in your game, that is true. Both from their art style as well as the visual quality, Anno 1404 assets don't quite fit to Anno 1800 - but if you like to use them in your game, that's great.

Should the "Old Town Pack" win, we would of course create new assets and not just 1:1 re-use things from previous titles, slap them into a CDLC and ask you to pay for them again - I think we've proven the quality point with our previous CDLC releases.