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Hi. I recently bought Anno 1800 from Origin. Origin client made me download 34 gb at first and then when I clicked play, it lauched Ubisoft Connect which started downloading another 34 gigs. It was a mess. Then I bought season 1 pass from origin which is still inaccessible to me and Ubisoft support has been saying that they are working on it for more than a week now.
My question now is if I buy a DLC directly from Ubisoft Connect, will it work with the origin version of the game which I have in Ubisoft Connect? I really dont want to spend more money and end up with nothing ALL OVER AGAIN just to hear the Ubisoft support is sorry and are doing their best to resolve it. Thank you in advance,
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While I understand you're upset, we will not tolerate abusive behaviour towards other community members here in the forums. Please mind your language.

Regarding your initial question: We generally recommend buying game and any digital content on the same platform.

If you are having issues with a purchase or activation, please get in touch with with the support of the place you bought it from and/or the Ubisoft Support to investigate the problem.
We won't be able to assist you with account or store related issues here on the forums.