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First of all in my personal opinion Anno 1800 is the best Anno game with no doubt. I played 2070,2205 ( not liked them :/ ) and Anno 1404 with venice dlc that was a good game, too. So this great game needs one final season pass. 3 is the key number for lots of things like in every sports first 3 get the medals even genie gives 3 wishes to Aladdin. :)

with the upcoming DLC a single game will have 5 maps and this is enough for me. We need some feature with no new map.

6th tier: for end game with luxury needs . This needs can be obtained with all 4 maps (not cape ofc) in late game lots of players get 10+m income and nothing to do with that money (search for specialist or etc.)

Flagship Upgrade: At the start of the game flagship is very important. But late game... I personally never used it. We can get a really big and powerful flagship for endgame.

Monuments like phased buildings. I know with some mods you get 2-3 monuments but we need them from creators. Also every map should have monuments unique to that map. After everything settled, my island looks tons of small buildings centered with fair . Thank you mods for bigger and unique buildings!!

new ships and defences: we can get some ships and coastal defences for variety maybe new ship skins not just recolor.

new roads: As i said i played 1404 and it has some ceramic tiles for beauty and maybe we can get engineer or artisan or maybe 6th tiered roads for extend the ranges of service buildings.(after all we have concrete).

more item levels: after legendary maybe 1 or 2 item levels for endgame with huge prices or quest based ones. 1 for player at the time.

and 2 features not related to DLC's:

Map editor and pause-build option .. we need this 2 definitely

Dev team has much more ideas than me ofc and the community has brilliant ideas. When season pass 2 announced people didn't know season pass 2 will be end. When you announce Season Pass 3 and say this is the final DLC. People will honour this last season pass for a one goodbye. I know Devs and streamers are reading this subreddit. Please share your thoughts and comments and maybe devs see how people desperately want season pass 3.

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Originally posted by hmsqueiroz

I want to see an asia-themed map :(

I already said as much in the German forums, but even if (!) there would be more DLC after the "City Lights Pack", the possibility of doing another new Session like the Arctic or Enbesa is out of the question.

These are huge undertakings that take a large team many months of work ("Land of Lions" has over 70 new buildings!), and we also need to work on our next game.

If there were additional DLCs, you should expect them to be more along the lines of "Seat of Power" or "Bright Harvest", with new systemic features that give you new options of enjoying all the content already in the game.

Of course, all of that is hypothetical for the time being.

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Originally posted by Kaankaan7

What about the circus dlc?

I would not hold my breath for that one coming out, to be honest.