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1) Create a column in statistics to tell if a production buildings has electricity or not (lightning), also if workforce condition apply to the building (red/green arrow) .

2) Created a tab called "Consumption", I would like to know where my Steel is used.

3) Make a blue outline, to project potential reach of the palace, when you build the palace in non-blueprint mode, with max reach on an island; in other words, show a 60 blocks reach on the palace when building it in blue, just like when building a PowerStation.

4) Let a player lock a statistics page, including filters, text filters, etc. until the player unlocks it. Now you have to re-create the filter, the text filter, the category filter, island filter...

5) make it possible to order several ships with a shift click.

6) Add a natural way to "store ships" with a tether

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Hey all,

thank you very much for the list of various quality of life requests. I agree there are some rather useful improvement suggestions in this thread.

We'll be adding those to our list of potential changes for future Game Updates and will discuss them in the team.
Please be aware we cannot say if and when any of these points might make it into the game.

Thanks a lot!

12 days ago - Ubi-Thorlof - Direct link

Hey baraterek, I like the idea and we'll have a look if we have the do something like this. Worse than not having such an overview, though, is having one but not updating it on a regular basis cause of lack of time.

So, for the time being we continue to check the reactions (likes, views, comments) on individual threads to see how the rest of our forum community is thinking about it.
Additionally, we know of the "faces" in our community by now, so if a "SirHarryPierce" is posting something, we e.g. know it's coming more from a veteran and record building direction 😉