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Literally unplayable. Some species' names don't respect the binomial nomenclature rules.
The proper way to name a species is Genus species and not Genus Species.

Example: Canis lupus is the correct way to write the name of the wolf with the Genus capitalized and the species not capitalized. Subspecies is also not capitalized, and in the case of the eurasian grey wolf it gives Canis lupus lupus.

For example, those are written errouneously in the game:
Panthera leo - the lion from the Proud Savannah set

Botanica DLC:

Hevea rigidifolia
Victoria amazonica
Bertholletia excelsa
And as I'm writing the list I realize that it's easier to say which are correctly written. So it's quite inconsistent since some sets have all the names correctly written and some don't.

Anyway, I know it's pretty much a non-issue for some people but I feel like if I don't complain about it, no one will, and perhaps someone from the devs will decide to update the capitalization if they are bored and want to add something to patch notes. Only took me 600-ish hours to complain about it.

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Originally posted by Loose_seal-bluth

I’m literally shaking right now!

We need to make our demands clear. I will destroy one residence a day in my city until we no longer have capitalized species. The ball is in your court Ubisoft. I hope you make the right decision!

Expecting at least weekly updates on your city