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Have anyone played combat overhaul mod before? Looks like the mod author removed few features (mods, items), and introduced really obnoxious bugs, just to have fixed version available, after you send him money directly via paypal.


Seems extra scummy, since mod.io will autoupdate your mod, which might affect your saved game

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Don't think you can review bomb his mod. He has disabled comments and dislikes on his mod page

Enabling comments for a mod is indeed up to the creator, the dislike function was disabled for the entire Anno 1800 section on mod.io as per request from a large portion of the Anno modding community.

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Hey all, please also use the "Report" functionality directly on mod.io to report mods which you think are breaking rules or are not working as advertised.

We'll have a look at this situation in particular.

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Do we know why disabling the dislike function was popular in the modding community? :/

A "dislike" was not felt as very useful feedback, they preferred for people to comment instead with what bothered them: general dislike, bug, missed info in the readme file etc.

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Hey. I just wonder, if there is someway to disable automatic mod updates? Or if not would this something possible to have? 

I do understand, that mods made by community, are not any responsibility of ubisoft, and sometimes, some mod, might break something in my game, but Im a bit weary of using ingame mod manager now. 

The way I see it, any update to the mod, could potentially damage or break my save file(that could happen with either mallicious  modder, or simply unlucky mod update), which is really not something I would want risking, when playing for few months on it. 

With so many mods that I use, I feel like chances of at least one mod update breaking something, might be quite high, for longer playthrough. 

I feel like, allowing user to disable automatic updates, or maybe notifying user when they happen, and allow them to accept update or not, would go a long way, to make playing with mods, more stable experience

I understand the reason for the request, but right now such a functionality does not exist. It's a great note, though, something for us to consider - even though I can't promise anything like this for 1800.