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Summary: I wish they had given us a small tidbit of new information in the live stream, or waited until they could say more.

I watched the entire live stream and I felt like I wasted quite a bit of time because it didn't feel like they discussed anything that hasn't already been shown~ I know it's really really esrly, but I didn't feel like the live stream added any value to the games announcement.

I recognize that the team has to communicate, and I think that's wonderful, and I really think they've improved their live streams since the early days of Anno 1800's seasons announcements and stuff~ but this one felt a bit... superfluous? It was unnecessarily long for the information it contained, it felt like they shoehorned in the two videos we've received so far to eat up time, and (please tell me if I missed it, it's very possible that I missed it) I don't think they ever announced the statue competition(?).

It also felt a bit weird and corporate-y to involve the marketing person. It didn't feel very sincere? I'm happy to see all the work they're putting into the marketing, but I wish more information of substance regarding the marketing had been discussed. I don't know why that gave me the "ick" but it did.

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the people that make these things went to school and got a degree and probably aren't even gamers. it's just a job and are out of touch in knowing what people want to see. legit waste of time. glad i didn't bother with it.

We had a livestream just a few weeks prior with both Haye and Manu where we even talked about the games we're all playing right now.

While I understand some of you might not have gotten the information you wanted from this livestream, I'd very much appreciate you not assuming things about people without having anything to back it up.