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It's really hard to find where all these cosmetic items are located since there are literally hundreds of them. I know cosmetic ones are located in their corresponding area but i hope they make it like this: trees, parks; shops and so on

If you order the construction menu "by type", that might already make it a bit easier for your case.
We are aware that it's still a bit messy, though and are considering a small rework in the future

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Originally posted by FloDaddelt

Anno 1800 is my favorite Anno in the series so far. Did the team consider big Cathedrals or a Main-Train station? Or a Opera house? I found an old picture book how those used to look like in my hometown before WW2 and they looked just incredible.

Cathedrals weren't really big on our radar this time around considering the focus on the industrial revolution. Due to the efforts of creating such a building, a cathedral is also out of scope for a Cosmetic DLC - since that would leave little room for more ornaments. And we'd rather offer a larger variety in the CDLC.

Since there's no passenger transport in Anno 1800, large train stations don't make too much sense from our perspective - but the upcoming Industrial Zone Pack will have some railway-related ornaments.